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Interview 3: Antreya Chronicles MMORPG - 2D Graphic Designs

Over the last week or so, I brought you the first interview for an upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles. The interview was with Raymond van Beek, founder of and lead developer for Antreya Studios. I also interviewed Dean Clark who is the Lead Creative Writer for the creative content of the game.

This time we meet with Danielle Alaya Noelle Bruce, who goes by the pen name Alaya Lynne. She is the Lead 2d Art Director of the 2D Graphic Design Team as well as the Assistant Marketing Administrator for Antreya Studios.

As a reminder, Antreya Chronicles will be a role-playing game like Skyrim but set in a fantasy, steampunk, post-apocalyptic setting.


1. Give us some background to your skills in the 2D Design arena. How long have you been designing in general?

I first started digital art 13 years ago on the good old MS Paint on my parents' computers. We didn’t have the internet at the time and I ran out of sketching paper so I was glued to the computer drawing little cartoons and such. This is around the time I got into Anime and going on Deviant art during school computer time and fell in love with the Digital art world. Some of my old art under DeviouslyDani became popular such as my Howling Wolf drawings.

I have always been self-taught up until I once tried a class in college for a semester for traditional art, which did help my shading experience, but the teacher told me I was too creative and wouldn’t get anywhere in life with my art this way. I also was in an internship and my boss asked me what I wanted to be when I graduated. I told her a Digital artist and she laughed and said it wasn't a real job, it was just people tracing stuff online and adding words.

It messed me up for so long and I struggled to make art for a few years. Then one day I picked up my stylus and started doodling and it all came back to me. I realized I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me even If I have a different way of expressing my art. I still do traditional art and other mediums, but digital art will always be my first love. For all you other Digital Artists: Don't let people talk you out of it!

2. Such a powerful message that I agree with. Tell me, what led you to want to become a game designer?

When I grew up I never got to play many video games, but when I did I would always be entranced by the art. I loved looking through box art on old Nintendo games and trying to redraw them. I still admire games today and imagine what it was like creating characters like these. When I first started digital art I was in love with the concept art from Beyond Good and Evil. I think I’ve beaten that game so many times. Since then I always dreamed of becoming an artist to help create a whole new world with a bunch of strokes from my stylus.

Antreya Chronicles - Band of Spirits - This was a sketch and starting of the paint process; this piece took me 15 hours.

Antreya Chronicles - Faction Dragon Bracelets - This was the final result.

3. What process do you go through when you design something?

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my art. It's actually quite a battle. First I sit and think up a design. Try to imagine how it would fit into the subject. I will sketch and doodle some basic gesture ideas before I even plan what it will be. Once I do I go on the computer and start putting it together. My pieces can take anywhere from 3 hours to 20 hours depending how much I keep changing as I go along. I also am an artist who demands myself to constantly improve my techniques. Sometimes if a section is taking too long I will switch to a whole different project for an hour to keep the flow going. Despite it taking a while I would rather put out best quality work instead of some quickly drawn up thing that I would probably end up changing later anyway.

Rough sketch of the Antreya Chronicles Logo

This is the final. I created the border and the rest and such but the Clock Arms were designed by Franswahz Ryan Valmoria, a concept artist in my team.

4. What is your inspiration for your designs?

I always get inspiration when I imagine myself inside of Antreya. Knowing the story and the roots of the world I like to imagine as a player what would I love to see and interact with. I want Antreya world to be unique and mesmerizing and be fun to look at and play in. I get it that it may take more work, but I believe if our players enjoy it then I did my job right.

5. How did you get involved with Antreya Chronicles?

I was part of a Digital artist group on facebook when I saw the ad. I spoke to Dean Clark and Raymond van Beek and showed my art and was so excited to see they liked my work. I thought of how long I had been wanting to expand my skill and possibly learn under experienced people in the Indie Game Developer world. I joined and bonded with everyone as the whole team is full of wonderful and hard working people. Couple months I was blessed with the opportunity to be a 2D Art Director of this wonderful game. My team is fun to work with and all extremely talented. They work around their daily lives to create wonderful artwork and it is amazing how much can get done with teamwork.

6. What is your vision for the 2D design team for Antreya?

Our team has many jobs. We are the ones who help take the story and bring it to life through creative artwork. This artwork can be beneficial to tell the story, create characters, animals, the whole world around you and content to build upon for the 3d team to bring to life. A lot of people when playing a game or even watching a movie forget about the process to even make a character. How many times it must have taken for every little detail to be perfect. Different versions the artist had. The countless hours it takes to design and paint everything. We also are the ones who add final details into the game such as Icons and such. My one and only goal is to watch all of our work come to life through this game and stick together on this journey.

7. Are there any other projects you are working on besides Antreya?

I have a lot of odd projects, but one thing I have been busy with this whole year is my own wedding. I had only spent $700 on my wedding, most of that was for supplies and I have almost everything now. I decided to make my wedding my big art piece. It is steampunk tea party themed which also helps as inspiration for this game. I have had to learn how to sculpt with polymer, work with resin, sew, paint etc to create my dress and everyone's top hats. I have had to mold gears and took a week building a sculpture. My wedding is 2 more months away and I will be revealing all on my facebook page of all the artwork I did for my handmade wedding.

Sneak Peek of current dragon design for Antreya

8. What tools do you use, physical and digital, when doing your designs?

For digital art, I used to use sketchbook pro and photoshop, but I have personally fallen in love with Clip Studio Paint. The various brushes and useful 3d models for posing references have been a great tool for me. I use a Wacom bamboo create tablet and for traditional works, I like to use a mix of art pens, Prismacolor pencils, and plain 2b pencils for my different sketches.

As a special treat, here is a video of the 2D art process in action from the Antreya Chronicles Twitch site.

2D Concept Art of Spirit Beasts

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So make sure you follow Alaya's Facebook page for more of her work.

We will be following up this interview when we talk with the 3D Graphic Development Lead. For more information on the game, you can visit and subscribe to the website, Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Youtube, and Twitch.

Shaun M Jooste

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