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The eagerly awaited second part to the Divergent series hit cinema's in March 2015.

It starts with Tris (Shailene Woodley), Four (Theo James), Caleb (Ansel Elgort) and Peter (Miles Teller) taking sanctuary with Amity while they try to locate the missing survivors of the Dauntless attack. Unhappy in the new lifestyle, but trying to adjust to it. Peter doing everything he can to get Tris thrown out starting fights between them as his usual annoying self. Before long Jeanine's loyal Dauntless are back on the hunt for divergent's, using what ever means they can to locate them. As Jeanine is desperate to find the one divergent strong enough to open the box the founders left behind, to give the key to how to solve the divergent problem.

They escape Amity and go to Candor when they discover the rest of Dauntless are hiding out there, only to be forced to stand trial for their crimes as Jeanine has put a price on their heads. Forced to take truth serum before the whole of Candor to prove their innocent a few secrets slip out that Tris wishes she could take back. Before creating a powerful alliance of factionless and dauntless survivors to face up to Jeanine (Kate Winslet) to try and restore order to their home.

This is a wonderful movie, a great addition to the series. Enjoyable, full of action scenes, darker than the first. If anything it is understated and underplayed, could perhaps have done with an extra half an hour to pad out places so it didn't feel quite so rushed. However who knows what content will be revealed on the extended dvd edition in the summer. Perfect character progression, leaving me excited to see what the final segment will include. My only issue is with the translation of Tris from book to film. In the book she was suffering strongly from PTSS, unable to hold or use a gun, tortured by nightmares, a wreck of a human being. Which was important to the choices she makes in the second half of the book. Here however she still fights, still uses a gun, still kills, is slightly tortured and has a few nightmares. Leaving the drastic choice she makes a little confusing to anyone who doesn't know the back storyline well.

Although this is a very enjoyable film, it just isn’t a patch on the first in the series or the books. Some movie series should never have gone passed the original production, and this is one of them. Without padding the storyline out, it is just left a little bland.


Sarah Beth James


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