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In Your Eyes

This is a deep meaningful love story with a twist. The two lead characters know everything about each other, their most intimate thoughts and feelings. Yet have never met each other. Which I am sure is leading you to think they met online in some social chat room love story like You Got Mail right?

Nothing so mediocre for this venture.

They are linked in far deeper ways. They can hear each other’s thoughts, see through each other’s eyes, and feel the emotions of the other person. Like it is happening to them. Even know when the other is in danger.

Cue teenager in school, with two friends who are clearly the trouble makers of the class. They fail classes while he gets A’s. Cue young girl going sledding with her mother. Should be a loving family moment, but something is wrong. Back to the boy, he grips the edge of his desk as it starts to shake. People around him asking if he is feeling okay. He doesn’t hear them, locked away in his own mind with something. Next thing he falls to the floor knocked out cold. Cut back to the girl, she has crashed into a tree. Also knocked out cold with her mother fretting over her.

We see the young man as he has grown up. The friends who dragged him down have also dragged him into crime with them. He is out of juvie now, living in a messy trailer, clothes everywhere, old food, and bottles. Car parts all over the outside. Typical ‘guy’ pad really. Dylan’s parole officer giving him a hard time as he keeps ending up near those ‘friends’ who are trying to get him back into the game. His parole is conditional on them never meeting. He ends up in a bar fight hit across the shoulders.

Miles away a young woman (Rebecca) is at a swanky dinner party with her husband and friends, when she is knocked clear from the table to the floor for no reason at all. The next day she is shopping for underwear. Gets dizzy as she looks at a pair, starts to see a truck on a road. Hearing a voice in her head.

Dylan is driving in his truck, puts his hand out to change the radio channel when he sees a woman’s hand touching ladies underwear. Unsurprisingly they both freak out over this. Once they realise they can communicate, and their voices are actually real not some delusion, they start to realise that they have been linked for their whole lives. Always helping each other through the worst of times. Like her mother’s death and his first night in jail.

They grow closer together as they learn more about each other as well as the links between them. Becoming so comfortable in each other’s company they often speak to each other even when others are around. Forgetting to an outsider they just look totally insane. Their contacts change each other greatly. Rebecca becomes more confident, more out going, happier. Dylan decides to clean up his home and his act.

He is almost dating someone, Rebecca is married. That doesn’t stop them from slowly starting to fall in love with each other, the only person who truly understands who they are. However a huge spanner is put into the works when not only does Dylan get forced back into crime but Rebecca’s husband decides to throw her back into a mental hospital. Drugging her into a stupor because he thinks she may be cheating.

Can love win through all of this?

I am completely in love with this movie. Deep characters, thoughtful plot, you can feel every single emotional the pair go through. Willing them to find a way to make it all work out. Desperate for them to solve their problems and just BE together. It completely captivated me. I am sad that it has ONLY gained a USA DVD release not a world wide. If I hadn’t found this little gem on Netflix I would have missed out entirely. If you have Netflix or are in a country with a DVD release then you HAVE to look this little beauty out right now!

10/10 stars.

I’d love there to be a sequel.