Several times now we have spoken about Steve Steinman as his amazing shows, from Vampires Rock, to the Meat Loaf Story and now Iconic.

The Iconic tour kicks off in March 2017, starting at Mansfield on the 24th, closely followed by Birmingham on the 25th. Not that I am excited for being on the front row of Birmingham at all! Having changed my costume three times already. I know our reporter Vicky is even more excited, as she will be there on the very first night of the tour. Lucky lady!

For the people who have been asking about the plot and the songs that might be included. Steve's promotion is working out very nicely. We now know that the plot is all about. Set in the future when theatres have disappeared, we have a magic cinema still standing. Where Benson (the old usher) does his best to convince people into the midnight showing, for a night they will never forget.

We also know two of the songs, a while back we saw Steve post up a FB live of Addicted To Love and now from the interviews this week. We know that Bon Jovi's, Wanted Dead or Alive will also be in a starring role. See below for links to the interviews, and Steve singing with Jamie Hiscox.

BBC Nottingham interview: Credit to Steve Steinman

BBC Northampton interview: Credit to Helen Mummy Pearce

Get your tickets now for what is bound to be another amazing sell out tour!

Sarah Beth James