Ladies and Gentleman, we are here!!

Iconic has launched!

Starting with Mansfield, and ending in Coventry on the 27th of June. Months of hard work and planning from the team came together in one stunning, highly visual production. Packed full of classic rock numbers, well-known songs from movies including Wanted Dead and Alive Addicted To Love and Thunderstruck. As Benson takes you through a magical journey with your golden ticket to the movies. In the new world, where theatres and cinemas just don't exist anymore. As young Penny starts to discover that nothing is what it seems.

Packed full of songs that you are going to know, we are transported through the worlds of James Bond, Pulp Fiction, Young Guns and so many more. In a show that just never stops giving from its very first second, until its last note for the encore with the fans screaming for more. With stunning computer visuals bringing the performance together. Along with a constant stream of film quotes/titles slipping into the dialogue.

(Photo belongs to Leah Moore)

After months of waiting, finally (second night) of the run I got to find out what all the hype had been about. After spending half the night before wanting to message our Editor (Vicky) who was at the debut to tell me everything about it. When she messaged me at interval telling me it was fantastic I knew I was in for a treat. From the opening number (which I really should have worked out what would be given the lovely usherette in the production images! Sorry, I'm a bit blonde!) I was completely drawn in by everything about it.

Yes, okay, I didn't know every single song. I didn't when I went to Vampires Rock either, I soon picked up the gist of the ones I didn't know. Starting with John Evans and his haunting cover of Sam Smith's Writing on The Wall. I didn't need to know anything about the lyrics to feel the raw, open emotion he conveyed into every note of the number. Leaving people around me in tears. I knew he had a great range from Vampires Rock, but I had no idea quite how far he could push himself. Which is true of many of the cast this tour. Steve has fantastic vocals, great stage presence bringing life to any show he is in. It was wonderful to see him giving each cast member their own chance to shine in big solos. Most notable has to be the John/Penny duet of Who Wants To Live Forever?. I love Queen music, I have all my life and I have never heard a cover of that song which sounded as breath taking or effortless as they made it look.

Special note has to go to Steve's performance as Steve Bond. John as the Joker, with his manical laugh. As well as Victoria, Hayley and Penny as the sexy villianess's, I don't want to spoil too much here. The stage fight scene was something else! You will love it! Before a purple couch was pushed out (very Queen tour 2015) launching into the last ever song I expected to hear in a Steve production. Yet it worked, so well! I ended up feeling so sorry for the Joker by the end of it! As much as I love Vampires Rock and VR Ghost Train, this has topped it by far.

(Image belongs to: Lindsay Dudley)

Steve openly admits that this is a tour in progress, songs changing every single day. That it will get better as it goes along, although I have no idea how they could top the amazing show I already saw. It already comes over as a well polished show, incredible for the tiny amount of time the team had to put it all together. So book tickets, tell your friends, and go again!

Roll on April 22nd (Skegness) so I can see the changes :)

Well done to everyone involved!!

Tour Dates can be found here:

Sarah Beth James