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Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two

The epic saga penned by Suzanne Collins originally published in 2008, and brought to our big screens in 2012 has today finally ended with the release of Mockingjay part 2. We have followed Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from being a hunter trying to support her starving family and a bakers son to being tributes in the 74th annual hunger games. Where Katniss volunteered to save her sister Primrose and Peeta found himself chosen. The romance they cultured between them as a game plan, turning more real as their experiences in the games pulled them closer together. Through the 75th annual hunger games where they were dragged back for humiliating President Snow by threatening to suicide at the end of the games to save each other's lives. To Katniss being rescued by District 13 leaving Peeta behind in the clutches of the Capital.

Mockingjay P1 ended at the depressing point of Peeta being rescued but trying to kill Katniss after he had been conditioned by the Capital to think she was evil. Katniss lying in hospital trying to recover from her wounds both physical and mental. Mockingjay P2 Starts with Katniss watching Peeta bound to a bed as the doctors try to reverse what was done to him. Katniss begs to be allowed on the front line, getting sent on a mission to District Two as they try to gain access through there to the Capital. After being shot in the line of duty she is shipped back to 13 to recover even though Cinna's costume for her was bullet proof only leaving her with heavy bruising to her ribs. Katniss tries to get sent back to the front line after being forced to see Peeta in his cell, when she is refused she ends up escaping there anyway. With only one thing on her mind: kill President Snow.

Armed with a team of the past victors, her propo team and soldiers Katniss ends up on a trip through the Capital trying to escape traps set by the game makers to stop them fighting their way to the centre while also trying to escape her team so she can get to Snow. In the words of Finnick

Welcome to the 76th annual hunger games!

I always found the character of Katniss to be whiny in the last book, just wandering around behind everyone else not sure what to do anymore. A weakly displayed form of PTSD, coupled with her looking like a slut as they badly played the Gale/Peeta/Katniss love triangle. I am glad to say that this was corrected in the film leaving Katniss the strong character we would expect from the Mockingjay. Peeta however still suffers slightly from exactly the same problem he had in the book format, seems to recover overly fast from his conditioning. I would have liked to see a bit more made of the best part of the film, the traps on the way to the Capital. However for the time scale the had, I think they made a very good version of the ending to the series. On the whole I have to say this is my favourite out of the four movies. Sure to be a huge box office smash. With lavish costumes, amazing special effects. For the first time we see deep into the Capital and inner districts, and the difference between their way of life and the outer districts.

Perhaps also we start to see the end of the 3d screenings, as the 2d showings are far out weighing how many 3d ones are shown today. A breakthrough for those of us (like myself) who can not watch a 3d screening.


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