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EXCLUSIVE FIRST REVIEW: Hegis Grasp by Dean Clark

With a big thank you to Shaun for gaining us not only an interview with Dean but also a copy of the fantastic novelette which is in the process of being turned into a computer game for the very first exclusive review.

First published by Celenic Earth Productions only a few weeks ago, this exciting story is already gaining a large amount of interest on social media. We start with a dark and gloomy day, September the 13th, 1896. A horse drawn carriage taking Henry Wood, General Samuel Miller and Jacob Baker to a mystery location. You seem they work with the Jaxton News station, looking for the latest scoop. They have heard rumours of a village that has gone crazy, cursed. People dying, something that has put terror into the heart of some of the company. Worrying if they will make it back to tell their story.

Everything seems peachy until just outside of the village they are stopped by a locked gate. Looking for help, and a way to proceed. They explore, Henry, going towards a small hut that is nearby. Asking if they could please unlock the gate, so they could enter Hegis. The last thing Henry expects is to be attacked by the couple that live there. Then to be attacked by wolves on his way back to his companions. Who are now missing, as is the horse that brought them there. Although, one plus side. The gate is now open allowing Henry to explore the village beyond. Meeting various dangerous tests, traps, puzzles and adventures on his hunt for answers.

This is a very fast paced, exciting, gripping book. Even from the first few lines, I was hooked into the storyline. I can easily see how it could turn into a game very nicely. A game worthy of the Silent Hill series, or Resident Evils. I really feel for Henry as he hunts for the others, fighting for his life through the different scenarios. The action scenes are vivid, as well as interesting. Unlike some fight scenes just find themselves lost in translation to the written word. The book reads like a series of cut scenes from the finished production. You can vividly see in your head, what the writer is getting at. Impressive for a debut project.

However, to balance out my review. I must also add a couple of tiny downsides. Firstly, the fights are rather unrealistic that almost every bullet makes its mark first time. Including a double headshot kill with one bullet. Secondly, I find it too short overall. I would have liked to see double the word count, going over more puzzles and dealing with the exploring more thoroughly. More than likely because that is the part of these type of games I enjoy. I always used to play them with my partner, who worked through the world and I would just stick my head over and suggest ways out of the puzzles or notice the little secrets hidden. The Resident Evil series always kept me on my toes that way. Saying that this is only a minor thing and can easily be resolved as the production is moved over into a computer game. Although this is not really my style of gaming, I do look forward to the production coming together. Which, I believe Shaun will be reviewing when it releases.

To support the release, you can purchase this book for only $1 until the end of May!! Grab it while you can!

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Best of luck Dean, from all of us here at Pulse!

9/10 stars