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Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone

Lecura here,

I fell in love with the books and fell in love with everything Harry Potter. So, only fair I cover the movies. Also Fantastic Beast has been released and I will be reviewing it soon.

If you love all things magical, witches, wizard, mystery then this is the series for you.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone the first movie to start off the movie series. It was by far the best as always the first movies generally are.

We have playing Professor Albus Dumbledore – Richard Harris, Professor Minerva McMonegall – Maggie Smith, Rubeus Hagrid - Robbie Coltrane, and Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe just to name a few.

The movie starts with a baby boy being left on a door step by 3 peculiar dressed people. Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid who later on in the movie you will get familiar with more.

They leave a baby boy that goes by the name Harry Potter on the front door step of 4 privet drive home to the Dursley’s, the boys Aunt and Uncle. He would live there and go to a public school right up to the age of 11. For most of his years he lived under the stairs in the Dursley’s and never got a long with their son Dudley, Harry’s cousin.

On Harry’s 11th birthday something strange started to happen, Harry got mail, actual mail.

This had never happened before in his life, and his Aunt and Uncle couldn’t believe it either until they saw who it was from, well where it was sent from.

Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry was accepted to another school, he was enrolled from birth thanks to his parents and his birth rights.

Harry's Uncle kept throwing out the letters that arrived but each time more kept arriving each day, until one day there were owls sitting out the front when Mr Dursley was off to work. He tried to shoo them but they didn’t budge. Sunday came and usually you think no post on Sunday, right???? Wrong, a rumble start to shake the house and next minute the letters came flooding in all directions, the chimney, and the letter box any place a letter can fit through. Harry managed to grab a letter and made a run for his room under the stairs but Harry didn’t make it in time, his uncle caught him struggling to get it off him. They both collapsed on the floor with Harry’s uncles arms wrapped around him in front of the letter box in the door. By now Mrs Dursley and Dudley think that Mr Dursley had lost the plot.

Harry, Dudley, his Aunt and Uncle headed to a place that was in the middle of the ocean where they thought no one or anything could find them. Oh, how wrong they were, there was one who could, one person who can find anyone in the world, Dumbledore. Dumbledore sent Rubeus Hagrid to retrieve Harry and to send him on his way to school. This was all new to Harry but Hagrid would tell Harry about the Wizarding world, well some of it anyways also what happened to his parents and how they died unlike his Aunt and Uncle, who told him a lie for most of his life.

Harry’s life wouldn’t be the same from now on, he would be starting a new life in a totally different world. A Wizarding world, full of magical creatures, spells, witches, wizards and above all friends. Finally the little lost lonely boy didn't have to be anymore.

Hagrid takes Harry to get all his school supplies that he needs for Hogwarts with money being the most important thing so he could buy quills, books, and who could forget a wand. Harry’s parents had left Harry a lot of money to help him make a good start in his life. So this would help get all the things that was needed. Hagrid had a surprise for Harry which was a companion for him, an Owl. HEDWIG

Now Harry was all ready to go off to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry but what will happen when he reaches the school. His name everyone knows, but will Harry get use to the fame, will it change everything for him or will it help him become one of the best wizards of all time?

The friends he meets are Hermione Granger, and Ron Wesley among others that will help him through the year but question is what instore for the gang? What will happen to them and will they live to tell the tales?

I won’t give too much away watch the movie and see for yourself, you won’t regret it.

The amount of special effects that went into this movie is amazing as well as the actors that were a part of it. The team behind everything from costumes, to the special make up team and of course the set design and the creatures was just fantastic. It brings you into the world of magic and you fall in love with it all. This movie is great from young teenagers as well as adults, it’s for all ages I would say for the first movie. Growing up with Harry Potter was one of the best things to have, and to collect memorabilia that will live on forever.

This movie I give 10/10 it’s one of the best movies of all time, I still think it is till this day. Keep the magic alive and get the next generation into the series and it’ll feel like you’re watching it for the first time all over again.

Keep the mystery and magic alive.