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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Spoilers)

Lecura here,

I love all things Harry Potter so, this time I’ve done this review on the 2nd of movie of the Harry Potter series Chamber of Secrets directed by Chris Columbus, writers J K Rowling novel and Steve Kloves Screen play. The movie was released in 2002

Your favourite characters are back as well as the actors who play them:

Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter

Who could forget the red-headed family the Weasley’s:
Rupert Grint - Ron Weasley
James Phelps - Fred Weasley
Oliver Phelps - George Weasley
Chris Rankin - Percy Weasley
Bonnie Wright - Ginny Weasley
Julia Walters - Molly Weasley
Mark Williams - Arthur Weasley

Then we have the smart one out of the 3 of them:
Emma Watson - Hermione Granger

Then we have the Dursleys:
Richard Griffins - Uncle Vernon Dursley
Fiona Shaw - Aunt Petunia Dursley
Harry Melling - Dudley Dursley

Who could forget some of the teachers and headmaster of Hogwarts:
Alan Rickman – Professor Severus Snape
Maggie Smith – Professor McGonagall
Richard Harris – Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster)
And the famous Dobby, voiced by Toby jones

The movie with so many good actors and actress I could go on……………………

Harry has moved from the cupboard under the stairs to a room of his very own, and of course his pet Owl, Hedwig.

One night the Dursleys are having guests over but the guests don’t know that the Dursleys have a nephew until things start to go wrong. Harry receives a little visitor, a house elf named Dobby.

He is there to warn Harry not to go back to Hogwarts but Harry doesn’t listen. So, Dobby must make Harry listen, he causes havoc in the Dursleys house. A cake Aunty Petunia made and decorated levitated over the wife of the guests head before Harry could stop the cake which Dobby was levitating it, the cake fell on the women's head. Now the guest knew of Harry, the Dursleys had to come up with some excuses for the boy.

Harry rushes up stairs to his room and stays in there for the rest of night. Until a noise was being heard just outside Harry's bedroom window. It was Ron and the twins George and Fred in a car, a flying car.

They were there to rescue Harry, they busted the bars off the window and Harry quickly got all his school stuff and Hedwig before Mr Dursley got to his room to stop him going out the window.

They got away and headed straight for the Weasley house.From there Harry and the Weasleys would go to Diagon alley only thing is Harry says it wrong and ends up in the wrong part, he ended up in diagonally alley. (You got to say it properly, god knows where you would end up, could be like Harry)

Harry and Ron try to make it in time to get to Hogwarts, but once the train has left no one can get through the gate which is through platform 9 and 10 (9 1/3). So now they have missed the train, Ron has a great idea of driving his dad’s car to Hogwarts, wait I should say flying to Hogwarts. Is this a good idea? Watch the movie and find out.

2nd year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry for Harry, Ron and Hermione, what will be in-store for them this year???

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened but who is the one who opened it??? Harry and his friends will get to the bottom of it and find out who it was. Will they be surprised when they find out who opened the chamber of secrets?

Harry will meet the one who shall not be named, the one who gave him the scar and the one who killed his parents. He will come face to face with him, will Harry defeat him or will he be taken down with the one who should not be named, Voldemort.

Let’s find out what magic and mystery is in in-store for Harry, Ron and Hermione this time?

I loved the 2nd movie, they always say the 1st movie is the best but these movies just kept getting better. I read the books before I seen the movies and I can’t choose what I like better.

If you love magic, mystery, and supernatural then you’ll love Harry Potter. The amount of special effects, creatures, and costumes that have gone into this movie is just amazing. There were so many on shoot locations with Scotland being one of them and of course England being the main place as the studio is in London.

I give this movie a 10/10

The magic never dies