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Happy 35th Birthday Mr Adam Lambert

As another birthday is celebrated among his friends and family, you have to be pretty confident that Adam is happy with his life so far. Working in the studio on his new album, which Adam himself says will be earthier and more blues. Something he says he is fond of, going back to stripped back vocals. He hopes his fans will enjoy the music, but he is more doing this album for himself. Knowing how stunning his vocals are without all the pizzazz of the current trending music, it is bound to be his biggest hit so far.

Heading off with Queen to tour North America again this summer, recently at press conferences with the band announcing the upcoming dates. It is good to see how much healthier Adam looks after his nice long vacation, as well as how much better Doctor May looks after his break as well. They have made it clear that they are launching a brand new show, leaving us hoping for new tracks they haven’t performed before. With the videos taken of Adam on his birthday holding a sword and a light playing on his face, reminding me very much of Highlander. I do wonder if he is giving us a little sneak peak of a ‘new’ song they haven’t performed together yet. I certainly hope so, as Princes of The Universe is one of my favourite tracks.

Either way, Adam has come an incredible way in his 35 years, from chorus in theatre, to singing in a band, Idol and beyond working with incredible artists. Situating himself as powerful LGBTQ activist, standing up to hate in every form he can. While still finding time to take his God Son (Riff) to Disneyland for their joint birthday as he toured last year over the event. I seriously do not know how he finds time for everything he does!

Thank you for 35 years of being the fantastic, inspirational, true to yourself person you are. Giving people a strong LGBTQ role model to look up to. Here's to the same again and even more to come.

Sarah Beth James


Thank you @Angel_nDisguise for the QAL dates.