Since the senseless tragedy at the Pulse Nightclub earlier this year members of the LGBTQ+ community and stars have been flocking to pay tribute to the 49 souls murdered that day. Giving donations to the survivor’s fund, including a very large donation from Disney. Respect to them!

We all knew that it wouldn’t be long until a tribute song was released to support the fund, what we didn’t know was quit how many stars would appear in it. Recording lines from home, tour, where ever they were just trying to make a difference. I have the greatest of respect to everyone involved with this piece for standing up for what is right. Using their platform of fame to make the world a brighter, better place for our children.

24 different artists appear on this track, including Adam Lambert, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Jason Derulo, Meghan Trainor, Juanes, Pink, Mary Lambert, The Trans Chorus of LA, RuPaul, Mary J Blige, Selena Gomez and Britney Spears. Written by Justin Tranter. Proceeds will be distributed by Equality Florida Pulse Victims Fund, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida and GLAAD.

You can purchase Hands by clicking here.

You can watch Hands on Youtube by clicking here.

The world is in mourning; don’t let another tragedy happen before you join the fight for Equality for All. Educate yourself, let love into your heart. Don’t let hate win!

Sarah Beth James