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Green Day: Revolution Radio Tour Aus/NZ

Lecura here,

On the 30th of April 2017, I saw one of the biggest band and course one of my favourites Green Day play in my home city in Australia, this is the 2nd time seeing these guys. It was the first city they started their Revolution Radio Tour. The time I got there was for seeing Green Day, but before that happened around 8 a crazy bunny came on stage to entertain the crowd.

Soon Green Day was on stage and ready to bring us the biggest rock concert of the year.
They started off with 'Know your Enemy' from the album 21st Century Breakdown with fireworks going off through the song.

The 2nd song was off their new album Revolution Radio what the tour is named after of course, song ‘Bang Bang’. Most of their songs were from their albums Revolution radio and mostly from their older albums dating back to 1991.

Set List below:

Know Your Enemy from 21st Century Breakdown
Bang Bang from Revolution Radio
Revolution Radio from Revolution Radio
Holiday from American Idiot
Letterbomb from American Idiot
Boulevard of Broken Dreams from American Idiot
Longview from Dookie
Youngblood from Revolution Radio
2000 Light Years Away from Kerplunk
When I Come Around from Dookie
Burnout from Dookie
Hitchin’ a Ride from Nimrod
Waiting from Warning
Minority from Warning
Knowledge Operation Ivy cover
Are We the Waiting from American Idiot
St. Jimmy from American Idiot
Basket Case from Dookie
She from Dookie
King for a Day from Nimrod
Still Breathing from Revolution Radio
Forever Now from Revolution Radio

All through the gig fireworks were let off from the stage as well as fire and of course now and then bangs through the songs would go off give the songs more effect. Billy always knows how to get the crowd going and this time was no different. He got everyone singing along to the songs, they chanted back oooos and aaaaooooos whenever Billie wanted the crowd to do so, he had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

They also got two people up on stage, first one came up, a guy who sang one of the songs with Billy and then the 2nd a young girl just 16 years of age. She played guitar for a small part of one of the songs ending with her receiving the guitar she was given to play. Green Day are bringing more and more new generations into the group of fans that already love them.

One of the bands they had as a support act came on stage with them to play Basket Case and King for a Day. On the song for King for a Day, each member including the support act had head gear on. At the end of the song, Tre took over vocals while Billie took over drums.
They then started to play some bits and pieces of covers from The Rolling Stones, Beatles and the famous song shout originally sung by Lulu.

To end the show they sung Edge of the world which is from their new album Revolution Radio.
They went on stage so as usual, the crowd started to chant “WE WANT MORE”. That’s what Green Day did, they gave the crowd much much more.

An extra 30mins full of more great songs.


American Idiot from American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia from American Idiot
Ordinary World from Revolution Radio
Good Riddance Time of Your Life from Nimrod

The final end confetti came down on the crowd, Billie, Tre, and Mike came together and thanked the fans for supporting them for the last 30 years.

The lights went out and it was the end of another great show from Green Day

The show was absolutely one of the best I’ve seen, Green day always know how to put on a great show. They are up there with the Rolling stones etc because nowadays you never see a band or artist stay on the amount of time Green Day stayed on stage playing. These guys are true musicians and I hope they continued to bring out great music in years to come bringing in new generations of fans each time.

The music will live on.


All images copywrite Lecura.