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Came across this show just last week on Netflix.

Netflix Original
Creator: Kay Cannon
Brit Robertson: Sophia - Longest Ride
Ellie Reed: Annie - 2 broke girls
Johnny Simmons: Shane - 21 Jump Street
Cole Escola: Nathan

Ever thought about owning your own business but never had the money to do it? Well, Sophia was in the same boat. She was working in a job she hated and didn’t really commit to the tasks at hand, as well as the laid back attitude she had which lead to her getting fired.

One day she went into an op shop, found a leather jacket and bargained the price. She has done the seller out of money, but as she says “Know what your shit is worth”.This is where she buy and sell Vintage online shop started. She had no money except for $20 in her purse. She started to see what she could get for that amount of money and when she did she put it up online. The first thing she had sold she got a couple of hundred dollars. The business grew and her friend Annie started to help her with taking photographs of models in the clothes.

Soon her business was famous and known as Nasty Gal, but as much as she tried to please everyone the business started to fail. Bad ratings and her eBay account being suspended for good, which seen Nasty Girl being shut down.

This wasn’t the last you would have heard of Nasty girl. She took the chance along with her friends (Annie, Nathan, and a Computer geek) who helped them get the new website up and running. Sophia tried again and this time it was a success with her buying over 100 pieces of clothing and she started to put them up online for her shopping website where the business started again, this time calling it ‘Nasty Gal Vintage’.
She was back in business and making a fortune.

The TV series shows you that no matter what happens never give up and it’s good to try new things even when they may or may not work out.

This Original Netflix TV series is about real life Sophia Christina Amoruso that at age 23 in 2006 made her money from an eBay store selling vintage clothing and naming it Nasty Gal Vintage.

She also wrote the book GIRLBOSS which you can purchase on http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ and produced the TV show GirlBoss.

I loved this show cause gives us women and shows us that no matter what if you put your mind to it you can do anything you want in life. Also, that women can make the mega bucks without the male dominate in one’s life.Women are strong and independent, Sophia shows that in this TV show as well as in real life.

We can run this world and make it on our own if we want to.It’s up to us and no one else.

If you love watching strong independent women then watch this TV series GirlBoss.Season 1 was just unloaded on to Netflix so go and check it out.

I give this TV series 9/10

Be strong and be kind to one another