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Gender politics: Against a Doctress casting.

I have spent the last few days mostly quietly after my initial are you @%@ kidding me moment. Leaving Emma to repost her article supporting the move from earlier this year. As well as Graham and his uncertainty at how this will work. And Shaun with his excitement for the first female role. I am against this casting, completely and utterly against. I have never said otherwise, I feel it a foolish rush movement. Which I will explain in detail as we go on. This post is written to balance out the pro post we have already published, so we are supporting both sides of the verse. Kindly be polite in the comments here as you were polite with the comments from the pro side.

However, it is not just the casting I am strongly against right now. It is the fan verse itself. Who has spent the last few days tearing itself apart. With a childish You Can't Sit With Us attitude if you aren't 110% into the new casting. Throwing around sexist male pre teens. Actually, there are as many females that are unhappy with this as male. If you don't like this then get out the fan verse now. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Who the @*%£ do you think you are to tell ANYONE to get out of their fan verse?! The constant thread of every site I am on, is True Fan, Ultimate Fan and so on. Calling anyone who isn't completely into this a fake fan only here for the cute guys. No, just no! And I swear if I see the word misogynist thrown out one more time or another you are a insert trending swear word here I am going to scream!

The frightening thing is these people are not children. They defend to the death their right to be the supreme being with the only right answer. Since when did the fan verse become a Dalek colony? Anyone with a well thought out reason for not agreeing is violently attacked. Called names, and left frantically defending their view point. It is like no one has taken a single one of the Doctor's comments about Peace and understood it. If you want to discuss the pros and cons of a female or male Doctor, please do it politely. Otherwise, we start coming into far more serious words. Such as bully troll hater and so on. The Doctor would not approve of this. As for the death threats being made to cast, crew and fans. GROW UP!!!

Reasons behind my non-support of this casting:

  1. The Doctor has never been a woman, and back in the Romana days it was pretty clearly shown with her regeneration. That Lords and Ladies have different skills. As demonstrated in her ability to chose form, as well as to have a more alien form. Which I believe was blue skinned. Other than the Joanna Lumley regeneration at the end of Curse of Fatal Death, which was shown as a last resort of the body and due to extreme distress. And Matt Smith making a comment he thought he was a girl due to long hair. There was zero in the fan verse to show that Time Lords-Ladies could sex change before the General. Which again, was due to extreme stress as he/she was shot in the face! As well as Missy's comment about afford the upgrade. Making it again sound highly unlikely and unusual. I have been told Romana had a male life in the books, however, I can not vouch for that so I will not speak of it.

  2. Missy was never fully explained as The Master, nor was a regeneration shown of the hows or whys. We do not even know if John Simm was the regeneration to turn into her. If they wanted to run this storyline. Firstly we should have had a lot more in depth information to why suddenly after all these years they can sex change. Such as the fact they are the last two left from Gallifrey, so the species is searching for a way to continue. Or River Song gave her life to save The Doctor, which could have given him the chance to body swap. Let's face it, The Master has found so many ways to cheat his last regeneration I wouldn't be surprised at anything he regenerated into anymore! Although again, his change could have been triggered by his wife taking the ring and her DNA. Even if we have the complex Time Lord-Human meta crisis issue again. Given a seriously good reason behind the changes, not just Here is a girl, deal with it I am pretty sure that a fraction of the currently upset verse would have been affected. I am certainly open to the idea of this, if they are actually going to express it in a good fashion.

  3. Missy's transformation from evil, to undecided, to attempting redemption. All seemed a little forced. Oh, I am a girl now, so I have the emotions to try to resolve a life time full of evil. Again, not very well explained. Although, I have to admit. I hated Missy when she was released as The Master. I suspected she was The Rani returned. Or at least another Time Lady, which would have worked far better with the storylines. She was a fantastically acted role, with some stunning lines towards the end of the series. I adored when she slammed out of the TARDIS as Doctor Who and her disposables. I would have adored this to continue or have a spin off. The storyline and lack of continuity let her down. As well as, more than likely causing her to be killed off.

  4. The Missy/Master relationship. Although I loved the fact we had the very first multi Master episode. It was let down by the fact Missy was turned into a sexual object that The Master lusted after. Leaving even The Doctor asking if they would like some alone time. With Missy about to bow out the show, this leaves me highly concerned that The Doctoress will also be treated in a sexual manner.

  5. The lack of strong female leads has cropped up in a lot of arguments. The show has always had good female leads. The companions have always been the strength behind The Doctor as well as often being his heart and his limit. With him asking people like Bill or Clara what he should do. Or Donna telling him to stop before he was drowned trying to kill the spider queen under the Thames. If you want a Time Lady. There were options to be used. Missy, who would have made a stunning companion. We could have seen her learning more about being good in more tests. Jenny, who has come back in audio books now. You could have brought back Susan, The Rani, Romana or just created a brand new Time Lady. Hell, you could even have resolved the Doctor-Donna issue and returned Cathrine Tate into the show.

  6. Equality is not Equal if only the female roles are included. Too many shows now are promoting equality by just gender swaps. Lady Thor, Lady Ghostbusters, Lady this and that. replacing all the male roles with females isn't any more sexist than keeping the status quo going on. If we move to an all female cast now, where do the boys find a role model? If we keep a male companion, we could deal with sexism and sexual tension as we travel. If we go back in time, he will always be treated differently to her who should be the lead in the show. There were other forms of equality that should have been addressed. The first non-white actor would have been stunning! Or the first LGBTQ, which I was completely expecting. Yes, fair enough we just had a black gay companion. They could have taken this so much further.

  7. Timing. If the gender swap is so rare. Why did we have Missy and Doctress within one single regeneration! I would have been more comfortable with them explaining the ability to gender swap and bringing in a female 14 or 15. It makes zero sense that both would have the same change at the same time and both to white women.

  8. The in your face nature of the reveal. Bringing it in the way they have, has torn the verse apart. Shown no explanations about the wheres and hows. Which could yet be amazing. I really hope they are. Yet done this way, it just seems like peer pressure, and click bait. To shove ratings back up after the worst viewed season of the reboot.

  9. The Actress. Although I am sure she is highly talented, she is virtually unknown. If this huge change was going to happen. It needed to hinge on a stunning, famous actress. A Maggie Smith, but younger. Someone everyone loves and would pull crowds back in.

  10. Then we have the trailer itself, which is odd for a start. Shot so that you can't tell the gender, although when I rewatch it. The body type seems different at the start to when she turns and her eye is seen. No regeneration again. Just a key appearing in her hand, and the TARDIS appearing. Which doesn't make her The Doctor at all. A theory is already going around that Jodie is only a companion or another Time Lady, not the actual regeneration. After all, Rule One. Moffet lies and has done over and over. Even filmed fake Sherlock scenes to put people off track until the show airs. I can't say anything about this. It seems unlikely to me that they would film a whole trailer as a fake. I also think there would be thousands of complaints if she didn't turn out to be the true casting now. Which would be even more likely to kill the show off than the actual actress or storylines. Although we still do have an odd turn of events with rumours of a double regeneration. Miss to someone else? 1st to 2nd Doctor? Or maybe even Peter dying and the 1st Doctor regenerating into a woman changing all history. We just do not know yet.

Why does she look like Quill?!

To summarise. There are a lot of issues with this casting, and gender swap. A lot of good writing to be done to correct the shock factor reveal, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I truly hope that she works out and has a long run with the show. However, if not. I take comfort in the fact of the 1996 reboot and the whole half human storyline being swiftly removed from canon. A recasting after one or two series, to someone more suited to the role. (Male or female)

Am I going to watch? The Christmas Special yes, after that. I don't know. It will depend on how they play this out. Which I think is true of many people right now. If you want to turn off a few seasons, fair enough. Come back to the series when it moves to something you are happier with, you don't have to agree with everything that happens. Go back to your Classic episodes or even your reboot ones. Enjoy the verse for what it should be. A fun, escape from reality. Enjoy it!If you want to be the supreme being, I understand there are some homes for sale on Skaro.

Good Luck



UPDATED: 2k views on the Pro Doctor piece and 4 pieces of hate. The Anti Doctor is up for 32 minutes and ten pieces of hate and I am a sexist misogynist. I rest my case.

As for my term of Doctress I used, depending on the group it is loved or hated. Just like the female casting. I felt female Doctor was ugly. So I used this term, which means:

* a woman in some cultures who is believed to have magic powers and to be able to cure illness.*

Now, can we please go back to more important matters without the hate. Such as the very good point I saw, of what will the Doctor/Doctress.or however they term her, do when she discovers ladies clothes do not have pockets! How will they play companions? Where did Missy put her sonic?! Will we see sonic lipstick make a return? What would you like to see from her costume? Is it really all a lie and misdirection and a different actor/actress is actually cast? You get the idea!