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Frozen, the movie experience which spawned in just a few months of openning a special 'sing along' edition release world wide. A film which is still replaying in many cinema's during the school holidays on bargin seats to amuse our children and our slightly larger children as well. In some areas even being screened on big open air screenings in local parks. With a taster screening (Frozen Fever) before Cinderella a few weeks ago, 'Let It Go' being used in Glee. Talks of Frozen 2 and a musical being produced from the original idea, Frozen doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon. Infact merchendise sales and production are gaining in momentum not decreasing. Every toy shop is full of new and interesting items for your child's enjoyment. Again I say child, but I include the much older children aka adults in this as well. Having sat through three sing along screenings and countless normal, I have to say that the average age was not under 9's as you would expect, but rather 20/40 year old adults with no children attached. This is fast becoming a world wide obsession shared by all the family, so lets see why.

The movie centres on Elsa (Idina Menzal) and her sister Anna (Kirstin Bell) trying to survive after the loss of their parents. Elsa has a strange magical gift she can not control, snow, ice and winter spring from her finger tips. Hurting her sister when they are young, forcing her parents to go to the trolls for help before locking their whole family away in the castle until they can be safe. Of course as Elsa comes of age there is no choice but to open the castle to the public to crown her as queen. Allowing the truth to be discovered about Elsa. Drawing us into a complex storyline of Anna trying to save her sister with the help of Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), and a living snowman called Olaf (Josh Gad) who loves warm hugs.

A movie that gives us songs such as 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman', 'Let It Go', and 'Love Is An Open Door.' For which I am sure everyone knows all the words to even if you haven't seen it. Sorry parents who are tired of the soundtrack, there is no chance of relief yet. At least not until the second movie comes out and you have a second soundtrack to 'suffer'.


A must watch for any age group.


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