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Fright Night, classic VS remake

As always with Hollywood, when they start to run out of ideas they start to remake or run pointless sequals of cult classics putting a new fresh modern slant on them. So many of these remakes tank as they replace plot for flashy effects and 3d nonsense. Casting people who clearly have no concept of the original piece. I dread remakes coming out, most of all those of films I really enjoyed the first time around. When this film was first advertised I avoided it like the plague saying nothing can ever beat the 1985 masterpiece that was Fright Night.

Charlie (William Ragsdale) convinced his neighbour Jerry (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, acting crazy until his family call his idol. The great Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) vampire kill from Charlie's favourite tv show to prove (via a completely fake test) that Jerry is not a vampire. All goes well until Peter walks away, lights a cigerette and realises that the man casts no reflection in his cigarette case. That he really is the undead! Nosferatu! Before trying reluctantly to help Charlie free his girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse) from the evil vampire's clutches.

Fright Night 2011 throws away this whole piece of plot (like half the movie's worth) having Charlie (Anton Yelchin) going straight to Peter (David Tennant) faking he is working for the press to get back stage at Peter's 'magic' show. Where we talk through a room filled with cases of occult information a true vampire hunter would be jealous of. Charlie tries to convince Peter to tell him about the symbles he found in his neighbours home, but Peter refuses throwing him out as a crackpot. It is only much later and drunker Peter realises the symbles mean something very important.

Jerry (Colin Farrell) hunts the family down ripping out a gas main to blow up the house. After all 'If there is no house, theres no need for an invitation'. Chasing down Charlie, his mother (Toni Collette) and his girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots) nearly killing them. Charlie then goes straight back to Peter for help, but the vampires follow him. Attacking right into the heart of Peter's collection killing his girlfriend Ginger (Sandra Vergara), taking Amy.

Yes the storyline is very weak in places, not a patch on the original. However the witty oneliners from Colin Farrell and David Tennant save the movie. The idea of a vampire clever enough to destroy a home to get inside or to follow a teenager to kill him and be all 'Abandioned house, no invitation needed.' is truly chilling! Finally a modern vampire who has moved with the times and DOES NOT SPARKLE! Out to do whatever it takes to rebuild his nest and gain power over the humans. Not caring how many he kills along the way.

It is the same for Vincent with his dazzling smile and cheeky comments. David was a great choice for the role delivering lines such as. 'If you are naked I am so going to look' and 'I'm a really good date, get me drunk I will try anything!'. If you are expecting it to be the same as the original you will be disappointed in places. However if you can suspend what you know of the first movie you can still sink comfortable into an extremely enjoyable experience, well written, greatly acted. I now wish I had taken the time to watch it far sooner.