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Frequency Season 1


Lecura here,

So I started watching this new program called Frequency, it's an American TV series that started last year 2016, after the first episode I was hooked. If you love crime with a twist then you will love this show.
It's CSI meets Sliders, but instead going back in time they use technology.

Peyton List – Raimy Sullivan
Riley Smith – Frank Sullivan
Devin Kelley – Julie Sullivan
Mekhi Phifer – Satch Reyna
Ada Breker – young Raimy Sullivan

It starts off with Raimy Sullivian (Peyton List), a young cop who's father never got to see her graduate police academy, or did he?

Raimy finds an old radio that her dad used to own, she turns it on and finds a channel. As she does she doesn’t know or even believe what or who was talking to her through it from the other end. Turned out that it was her father, her dead father talking to her. How is this possible?

This old radio could let her talk to her father from 1995/1996. Raimy and her father helped each other solve the crimes back in 1996 that would help her in 2016. So, anything she solved or her father did it changed the time line of what would happen in Raimys life. Only problem now is her mother was soon to become one of the victims of the crimes they were solving, the Knighting Gale killer. A person killing young women just by the way they look.

Will she be able to save her mum or will her mother be lost in the past with her father?

She saves her father by telling him what happened the night he was supposed to be murdered, all because of his corrupt police boss trying to arrange his death and making it look like the operation was never meant to happen, making Raimys father taking the job of being an undercover cop. He thought the boss was the one running it, but he just wanted to get rid of him. Raimy told all this to her father and explained what was said happened but the story was totally different.

Raimy saved her father’s life that night and he got to tell what really happened.

With that change in the timeline, He got to see her graduate police academy and see Raimy grow up until he passed away of natural causes. Changing the past is never a good thing, you save one life another must die in their place.
When the timeline goes out of whack god knows what will happen further down the line. This is what happened to Raimy, the guy she met before all this happened, she had to re meet and get him to fall in love with her all over again while she is dating another guy.

Will she be able to get the guy she is in love with again? Or will he stay with the girl he’s going spend of the rest of his life with without taking Raimy into consideration?

What Will Raimy do?

Watch the show and find out.

The show is good and can be found on Netflix. As I watched this show I thought it was going to be another of those crime shows that goes nowhere, but with this one it keeps you on your toes. I’m glad they are finally bring in girls that can kick butt and stand up to crime. The show with the twist of talking to someone in your past it was good thing to bring into a show. It’s something I haven’t seen done in a crime show before, well ones that I liked anyways. If only we could do that in real life we may be able to solve more crimes and catch criminals better. Maybe one day all that technology will come about but for now it’s all in our minds or TV / movies.

I give this TV show 9/10