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Free Rein

Caroline Ford-Sam (Once upon a time)
Manpreet Bambra-Jade (Casualty)
Jaylen Barron-Zoe (Shameless USA)
Freddy Carter -Pin (Wonder Women)
Natalie Gumede-Maggie (Coronation Street, Jekyll & Hyde)

Netflix original for 2017, I came across this show just flicking through Netflix as per usual. Free Rein is set in a small village in the English countryside. Zoe, her little sister Rosie and her mother Maggie travel from the US to visit their Grandfather. The mother was originally from England but moved to the US where Zoe and her little sister were born.

Their second day visiting, Zoe’s little sister Rosie goes missing, her mother is frantic and starts stressing. Zoe suggests she goes and looks for her. As she is looking for her she comes across a stable nearby. There’s a horse that’s gone missing and the riders of the stables are trying to find him. Zoe is asked to help in exchange for them helping her look for her sister. Zoe goes on foot and ends up at a nearby beach where the horse is found, only thing is, the horse is scared out of its wits.

The owner and one of the riders from the stables are close behind Zoe, not knowing what will happen, Zoe slowly walks down towards the stressed-out horse Raven. Right away Raven is lifting its front legs warning her to stay away, but Zoe doesn’t take any notice. She talks and tries to calm the horse down; will she be able to calm down Raven or will she get hurt and be in the firing line of getting kicked? There is a bond between Raven and Zoe is she the next Horse- Whisperer?

They head back to the stables where her little sister Rosie had been hiding out all along, all because of the stables having Wi-Fi. Zoe ends up making friends and takes part in the riding classes with one of the riders Marcus, he teaches her how to ride Raven. All the girls swoon over him.Will Zoe, or will she fall for someone else?

Little did she know her mother wouldn’t be too happy when she finds out what she has been up to all this time? Her mother had been going to the same stables when she was a young girl but an incident happened which made her give up riding. Will she ever let Zoe ride once she has found out? Or will she ban her altogether for her own safety but really is it her daughter's safety or her own? What is Zoe’s mother hiding from her daughters and will they ever find out the truth of what really happened?

There is someone trying to steal the horses at the stables, Zoe tries to investigate. She and her friends do a stake out in the stables, will they catch the thieves and will the right culprit get caught or will another be blamed? The horse Raven reveals that the person she blames is innocent but will Zoe listen to the horse or take no notice?

Judging someone sometimes can always give us other thoughts about how that person portrays themselves in our minds when really, we are the ones to blame for the judging and thinking what one can do. Can judging be a crime itself?

Always give someone a chance because when you do, they can be totally different to how and what you think of them when meeting them for the first time.

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I give this show a 7/10
Never judge a book by its cover