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Our Editor Sarah Beth James is the proud 'mother' of two books on LGBTQ+ matters. The second of which, Can't Let You Go came out July this year. Reaching 199th on the kindle best sellers list for gay fiction and 242nd on coming of age within the first few weeks!

To celebrate this Sarah has agreed to run a two day promotion putting BOTH, yes that’s right BOTH of her books on kindle free vend for just two days. Giving you the chance to explore this fantastic bitter sweet love story (Amor Vincit Omnia series) to its full extent before the third book publishes next year.

Save Me is about Jack, a young gay man who has been through hell. Bullied at school, made to feel worthless. His mother died when he was young, his father barely notices he is alive. He found comfort in the arms of another man, until that became a chokehold relationship. He escaped, but only just. Lost in love, lost in his pain, with no where to turn. Jack ends up visiting an anti gay church, becoming convinced that the only way to stop his pain is to become straight. All too quickly the child needing guidance is sucked into the church, just another chokehold to die in. As he drinks himself to near death. Can Jack find a way out before it is too late? Perhaps, certainly he will if his good friend Nic has anything to do with it. A friend who has been in love with him for some time. This has an interesting ending, one that will leave you SCREAMING at the characters for what happens. However, do not be too down hearted. I have seen a little of Too Many Tears (book three), that is very much NOT the ending :)

Can't Let You Go, sets up two new and very important characters to the book series. Lucy and Alex. Alex is a young gay man who is too scared to admit his sexuality at school or home. Worried he will be bullied for it, even though he suffers bullying every day anyway for not admitting. He meets Lucy, a girl who has a very dark abusive past she is trying to run away from. Both are loners, both afraid to care for anyone again. They become friends, fake boyfriend and girlfriend as Lucy tries to protect him from the bullies and eventually more. As Alex starts to realise that he isn't as gay as he once thought. Half their lives Alex tries to face up to being a bisexual so he can be with the woman he loves deeply. Everything comes to a head when Alex discovers he has a very aggressive form of cancer, one he is doubtful to survive. He has just a few months to decide what and who he wants in his life, before it is too late.

Too Many Tears (release 2017) will star Nic, Jack and Lucy as they try to move on with their lives after the events of both books. I am being threatened to exactly which spoilers I can give out having already read a good third of the book. I can tell you that Nic and Alex are brothers. I can also tell you there is a wedding in the book, just not whose. I am also allowed to tell you that Jack's ex will be in the picture a lot this book, as Jack tries to deal with his mixed emotions.

These are fantastic books, inspirational, full of deep matters that affect a large number of our community. They may be dark in subject, but as the series title hints (love conquers all) everything will work out in the end. If it hasn't worked out yet, then it can't be the end, as Sarah often tells me.

Below are the links to both books.

Free 21st and 22nd of September.

The USA link if you are struggling to find it, as a few people have reported they couldn't.

You can also follow her on twitter @wickedwitchgal


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