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Finding Sky: Joss Stirling Season (Book 1)

Don't make a sound or we will come back for you!

That is the threat given to a young girl called Sky dumped outside a gas station near the airport by her 'foster family'. She is a savient, she knows when people are lying. She is too young to know not to say anything. Her parents are dead, she has fallen in with a drug dealer. Her 'gift' has made her break a few deals losing him a lot of money. He hurts her, abuses. Until in the end he just leaves her there. With no one to care. When people come up to help her, she can't even speak. He would come back for her if she did.

Sky bounces around foster homes for a long time, before finally settling in with a nice English family who try to give her everything that she needs. Her barriers are high, she doesn't trust easily. Moving to America for her 'father's' work as he gets offered a job there makes things even harder for Sky. Trying to fit in all over again. In a new school, with new lessons completely different to her old life. Yet she manages to make a few friends despite it all. She's tried her best to bury everything about her past, to not think about it. Although one thing still kills her inside, she can't remember her own name. She never could. Sky Bright is just what her new 'parents' picked for her.

Then there is Zed, a bad boy with a motor bike. Who barely attends class, and pretty much does as he wants to. He comes from a large family, the others seem okay. Yet Zed seems to have instant hatred for her. Sky can't help feeling drawn to him all the same. Even more so after at a football game, she is drowning missing catching every goal much to the annoyance of her team. Until she hears a voice in her head when Zed comes up to kick again, telling her to dive left. She does and catches the ball. Which surprises Zed, but not as much as when she replies back to the voice in her head and he can hear her.

Zed approaches Sky, demanding to know why didn't tell him that she was a savient. Talking of soul mates, you have to find your savient other half or you lose control and fall into darkness. She has no idea of what he is talking. She runs away scared. Leaving him confused. When he finds out her parents are dead and she knows nothing of her past. He sets up more slowly, trying to woo her like a mortal would. Bring her more slowly into his world, and his family life. As she falls for him slowly, knowing that she will run away in the end because she won't allow herself to feel this emotions.

He is slowly winning her heart until a day of snowboarding practise in the snow and a mad man shooting at them. Sky finds herself drawn into a world of danger, and magic as she discovers there is a dark side to this world. People who want to kill them. People who can make Sky do anything they want to, give her fake memories and send her to kill her soul mate.

The first in Joss Stirling's series, certainly not as gripping as Angel Dares as the author has learned much in the books in between. However it is a great start to the series, really drawing the reader in to learn more about this world and these people. Showing a deep insight into the direction of the rest of the series. As well as a shining promise of the greatness the later books would become. At times I found myself hating the arrogance of Zed, until he had to start putting his lovers head back together. The simple gentleness of how he treats Sky. On the other side there were times I hated Sky for not giving in to his love sooner. Even with all her scars from her past.

All in all a great read. I will be reviewing more of these books when I can locate copies.


Sarah Beth James