Published 2009

Fallen is a dark teenage fantasy book about love, and loss. Daniel is an Angel, doomed to spend his lives watching his beloved human Lucinda come into his life every 17 years. Fall in love with her and her with him, start to remember who he is, what he is or that they have met before then die in a fire in his arms at their first kiss. All these lives, all the pain, all the loss from losing his true love. Daniel tries to run away from her and all of it, yet where ever he goes. She is always there, waiting for him and the game starts all over again. You can feel his exhaustion from fighting against it all coming through the powerfully written words so clearly. How he wants to walk away for Luce’s own good, and his own. Yet every time he sees her, his heart is stolen. He can’t be away from her.

Luce starts at Sword and Cross school, a reform school for troubled kids. It seems that Luce kissed a boy at her old school and he burnt up just like she normally does when she kisses Daniel. She knows it wasn’t her fault, it was the shadows that killed him. The shadows she has seen all of her life, the shadows she had to lie she doesn’t see anymore to get out of the mental hospital and back into any form of a real school. Then she sees this boy, Daniel. He flips her off, it hurts her deeply. Far deeper then a reaction from a stranger should. She feels like she knows this man, deeply inside of her soul. She is drawn to him, however nastily he treats her.

Yet, he is not the only bidder for Luce’s heart. There is also the mysterious Cam, a smooth talking guy who is always giving her his guitar picks. Buying her gifts, taking her for walks in the graveyard. Well, not the most romantic of places. However it’s the only place on site that isn’t policed by security cameras so they can be alone. Luce finds herself divided in her affections for both men. However Daniel seems to call to her the most, even though Cam makes her feel safer. As she tries to gain more information about Daniel, as well as her own personal turmoil of emotions with her friend Penn the book takes a darker turn. Showing more about the true nature of what is going on, as Luce finally works out what Daniel is. As well as SURVIVING their first kiss, leaving Daniel confused as well as scared. In all these lives, she has never come this far in understanding.

I completely adore this addictive book series. I could read it over and over again. It has a little of something for everyone. Horror, danger, action, suspense, love. Do not get fooled by the fact this book is shelved under teenage books, this can be enjoyed by adults just as much! I can not wait for the film to come out based on the series. I hope they do it justice!!

Breath taking book 5/5 stars! I’d give it 100/5 if I could!

Sarah Beth James