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Explosive start to Adam Lambert's US leg of the Original High tour.

After a short break Adam Lambert has come storming back with the start of his US leg of The Original High tour. Playing two venues in as many days, starting with Huntington NY after a short twitter party with his fans, closely followed by Boston. The first leg of the tour you could clearly see was a work in progress having had such a small sliver of time between the promo tour concert series and flying out for the NYE concert. The setlist songs changing slightly, as well as the costumes and dance motions. Along with Adam’s usual vocal style of mixing it up every night so no two concerts are ever the same. A great treat for those of us who are attending more than one show in the series. It always amazes me how many different emotions and styles he can pull from the exact same set of lyrics.

One thing I love about Adam is he always listens to his fans, even now seven years after idol. Takes on board what they suggest and if he agrees put into motion on his tours. The US tour is a great example of that symbiotic nature between star and glambert. The first leg of the tour we saw a remix of If I Had You done reggae style which was loathed by a large amount of the glambert fanverse and ended the show on rather a dull note with little to no encore number for a great number of the shows. It was also commented several times that his concerts were a little on the short side. Whether or not that was a venue preference or Adam himself I do not know.

However as he blasted onto the stage this leg we gained an added number for the opening act with For Your Entertainment, always a firm favourite with fans. We also added These Boys for the band introduction, the original mix of IIHY and a wonderful encore of Trespassing/Another One Bites The Dust. Making the concert run much more smoothly, as well as slightly longer. I have seen nothing but positive feedback from the glamberts since the setlist mix up. We also gained a new outfit, a neon School of Rock inspired outfit. Perhaps a hint he could later be starring in the new Broadway production of the show? Or just my wishful thinking of wanting to see Adam back in theatre one day.

Vocal changes included Mad World moving even deeper into soul felt emotional territory, always one of my favourite cover songs from him. I loved the Tears for Fears version growing up, however Adam runs vocal rings around their piece making it completely his own. Another favourite from the shows is Things That I Didn’t Say, showing his emotional strengths as he takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride through the evening. From the darker terrible side of love, to the possibility of a better future, and a truer deeper more meaningful love waiting just the other side of it.

We saw a great return to Adam spending time talking and joking with the audience in Boston, a full three minutes of nothing but chatting, waving and flirting with people. Showing how comfortable he is to be back touring on his own merits away from RCA after the big split. Returning back to the days of Glam Nation when he was his true self. Again asking for feedback, asking who is new to his music from the new singles. The shocked look on his face when he heard all the screams of the new fans, that all these years on he can still bring it every night and introduce so many new people to his work.

I am only sad that I couldn’t be there yet on the tour, like the rest of glamily I am existing on streams, photos and videos brought back my others of us. A huge thank you to the people who bother to bring back these for us! That help bring Adam to a wider audience. I can not wait for London and Manchester when it's finally my turn. I will be bringing back reviews from the concerts as well as videos and photos to share with you all.

Sarah Beth James