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EXCLUSIVE FIRST REVEAL: Homicide Detective Screenshots by Keystone Games

For those of you who missed it last week, we were gifted with an interview with Keystone Games who develops games and then offers the profits to charities, specifically to those that cater for those with disabilities and the less fortunate.

Pulse Entertainment has been graced with some exclusive shots from the upcoming game, Homicide Detective. I had a quick discussion with Jane Whittaker, COO of Keystone Games, who informed me that Homicide Detective puts the player in the shoes of Jack Steel, a senior homicide investigator who has been given the task of working with Scotland Yard and the United Nations to solve a series of linked murders around the world. The game takes the player across a range of exotic locations, from Tower Bridge in London, to Times Square, the Egyptian Pyramids, the wildlife reserves of the Serengeti and a host of yet to be unveiled murder locations!

The game is still work in progress and the images provided to Pulse do not reflect the final product. It will have FPS qualities as well as open world exploration elements, with the focus firmly on using your skills not only to locate evidence at the crime scene but to piece all the elements together to bring the culprits to justice.

It is amazing how much work is going into this game. Keystone has had actual murder squad detectives from around the world involved in both the design of each crime, but also how to solve it! As Whittaker explains:

We had detectives creating the crimes and had other detectives working out how to solve it, which formed the basis for the amazing realism. We even spent a great deal of time with forensic specialists learning about the lab equipment. Yes, you can visit the forensics lab and use the equipment there should you wish in-game!

Last week Keystone met with retired Chief Constable Kevin Mathieson, who in a long a illustrious career led murder squad teams in the UK, along with leading the Special Branch and Anti Terror teams.

Whittaker tells me further how involved Mathieson is with creating murder scenarios:

Kevin sits down with the team and we create fake murders. Team members are asked to role-play and partake in scenarios so that we understand how a crime scene works. It has been an incredible experience to learn about homicide from a chief of police who in his career has literally attended many hundreds of murder scenes and led investigations into notorious murders!

For an international flavour the team also recruited FBI and other specialists to offer their input on the psychology and modus operandi on murderers. Katie Bailey, Head of Art for Keystone, explains further:

We literally spent weeks and months with the real investigators learning about homicide before we wrote a line of code or drew a single 3D model. We just went to school with these guys who passed on years and years of experience to us.

That support included the input from Sean Huff and his years of experience both in the US State Department and as an operator in US Naval Special Forces. Huff was pivotal to really understand the work of counter-terrorism and brought incredible insight to the project.

Homicide Detectives is working up to be one heck of an upcoming title, and I look forward to receiving more information on it in time to come. We will be sure to host a trailer for the game as soon as it is available.

For now, here are the screenshots we were treated to, brought to you exclusively by Pulse Entertainment:

Shaun M Jooste

Author of Celenic Earth Chronicles and Silent Hill: Betrayal

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