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Evercrossed: Elizabeth Chandler

The second book in the Kissed by an Angel young adult series.

After the insane success of the Fallen series, someone was bound to try and create another version of it. So many of these ‘spin off’ type books are truly terrible, now and then though a gem can be found in the rubble. This series is certainly on of the gems.

Ivy is still trying to deal with the loss of Tristan a year nearly after his death. She knows he was an angel looking after her, protecting her from Gregory until his death. Keeping her safe in any and every way he could. Even influencing her friends to pass messages or drawings to her so she didn’t feel so alone.

In some ways that makes everything worse for Ivy as she just can’t accept that he is gone. Hoping that somewhere, somehow he is still looking out for her well-being. That just maybe, one day he will come back to her. Even though she loves Will now, the ex-best friend who had given Tristan his body at one point to save her life. He reminds her so much, but not enough of the man she loved and lost.

Spending her summer working at Cape Cod in a hotel, with her friends, Ivy finds herself drifting away. The grief as fresh now coming up to the anniversary of his death, as it was the very first day she had lost him. All she wants is to try and be normal, something she can never be.

First, some new friends insist on a séance to try and contact the dead. For clear reasons both Ivy and her old friend Beth are reluctant to try. In the end, they are convinced to try. They should have trusted their instincts as the world goes to hell starting from that night. Ivy is in a car crash, Beth looks over at her and knows that her friend is dead.

Or is she? Ivy dreams of Tristan, and next, we know she wakes in hospital with barely a scratch. Whereas before she was bleeding out, gashes in her stomach that are now gone. Ivy meets another man in the hospital, who also had an accident. He was found washed up on the beach, with no memory. Given the nickname Guy as he has no idea who he is, or what his name is. Ivy becomes close to Guy, against the wishes of Will and the others. Sneaking off to see him, causing great tension between the group.

Ivy can’t stop going to him, some part of her knows she needs to be there. He keeps reminding her of Tristan, doing or saying things that he would. Beth and Will keep warning her to stay away, that it isn’t Tristan at all, they think it is Gregory back from the dead to this time make sure she dies for good.

Complex for a teenage story, dark and in depth unlike so many of those on the market currently: dealing with Ivy’s past and her problems. While telling a slow soft love story, one that may not have a happy ending. I don’t want to say too much about this, as I risk giving away the ending. I love this book series, one I fell across accidentally like I do so many when I am exploring old books shops. I’m certainly glad I did so, as the books are fresh, interesting and detailed. I can easily see them becoming a film or TV series.

Keep with the series, because the stories are well worth the reading.

8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James