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Enrapture by Pierce Smith

Book one of the Noah series.

Noah and Ethan are lovers, awaiting their first Halloween night together. Noah is ready and waiting, has been all day, for Ethan to come home from work. Watching the minutes tick by on the clock until his love returns. Which would be fine, if he wasn't late for their celebration!

Angrily Noah gets himself ready, not able to wait any longer to be touched. Snapping at Ethan when he rings apologizing for being late. Promising that he is on his way. Noah isn't happy with the response, winding his partner up with phone sex as he drives. Teasing him that there is a man across from him looking in a shop window, and he would rather sleep with him. Stroking himself where the other man can see.

He couldn't be happier when Ethan finally turns up to take him to bed, giving him what he needs. The twist makes things seem a lot different to what you first think.

This is a strange beast to me. I love the storyline, the love the passion, and the characters. The only thing I do not completely love is how painfully short it is. I know it is just a setup piece for the rest of the series, and that its difficult to judge how long an ebook actually is. I just felt that when I turned the last page, I was thinking where is the rest of it?! To me, it is more of a fantastically set up first chapter of a novel, than a complete production. Which I think the author has realized, as watching his professional pages, he is talking about the next piece being much longer. I am excited to see where the twist will take things.

Keep an eye out for this highly talented author, he is bound to go far.

4/5 stars

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Sarah Beth James