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Empire Season 3 (Spoilers)

The music, more great artists, actors, and actress are back for another great season of Empire.

This season a tragic accident happens when Rhonda and Anika finally come to blows. Rhonda finds out that it was Anika that pushed her down the stairs and landed her in the hospital, where she lost her baby. She is back to get her revenge, only thing is this time the outcome is death. Rhonda is pushed off the balcony and her husband Andre Lyon finds them, trying to stop them but it was all too late. Anika caused Rhonda deaths, but now what will happen? Anika is having Hakeem’s baby will Andre get his revenge?

Andre ends up having an emotional break down leading him to see his dead wife, telling him what to do. What will happen when he goes too far?

Andre is taking things into his own hands when it comes to Empire and his father. Andre is teaming up with Shyne Johnson (Xzibit) and planning something big with him, but what will happen? Will Luscious get what’s coming to him or will it back fire? (Season 4 will see it continue).

Jamal is struggling to get through what had happened to him in the last season. He got shot saving his father. Now he struggles to come to terms with getting on with his life and getting back to normal, getting back into his writing and performing. His family will soon come to terms with how much of a struggle it has been for him with him turning to prescription drugs that he gets addicted to.They help him by putting him into rehab where he meets a young aspiring artist Tory Ash (Rumer Willis) that pretty much went off the rails before she landed in rehab.

Which you can check out the song here:

This song is soul music and just been stripped back. Its songs like these that catch your ear, even the lyrics are good. Written by Vincent Berry and Rodney Jerkins

Now Hakeem has a baby in the picture he must step up and try to become a father to his child, but will his father Luscious let him be in the child’s life? Luscious has taken Anika to be his wife, helping her cover up whatever is going on in her life. Will Luscious hold his end of the bargain and will he let Hakeem become a part of his baby’s life, or will Luscious take matters into his own hands?

Cookie and Angelo are having their ups and downs, but what will happen when the mother starts getting involved more in their relationship? Will their relationship last or will it be over before it even began?

This season is good from so much happening and so many good artists coming on board, it’ll keep you watching from the first episode of the season to the final. I love this show, with new music in this season that’s so catchy it’ll get any musician or music lover liking it.

This season I give an 8/10 watch the show and see for yourself.

Let the music come alive.