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Empire Season 2 (Spoilers)

Your favorite characters are back for season 2 of Empire.
New artists have signed up to be on this season:

Marisa Tomei as Mimi Whiteman
Petey Pablo as Clyde
Swizz Beatz as himself
Al Sharpton as himself
André Leon Talley as himself
Don Lemon as himself
DeRay Davis as Jermel
Chris Rock as Frank Gathers
Ludacris as Officer McKnight
Sway Calloway as himself
Pitbull as himself
Timbaland as himself
Ne-Yo as himself
William Fichtner as Jamieson Hintrhop
Funkmaster Flex as himself
Rosie O'Donnell as Pepper O'Leary
Jason Derulo as himself
Joel Madden as himself
Nicole Richie as herself
Alicia Keys as Skye Summers
Da Brat as Jezzy
Xzibit as Leslie Shyne Johnson

This time Luscious is in Jail for killing Cookies cousin.From Jail Luscious is working on his music, and getting to be close friends with one of the inmates in Jail. What will happen while Luscious is locked up?

While cookie is running Empire on the outside but not for long, what will happen when Luscious gets out? Cookie gets a concert put together to help free Luscious. He’s finally let out of jail and Empire is his but only for a short while. One of the Lyon’s sons Hakeem is ready in waiting for the company to be handed over to him, but Hakeem’s girl he fancies, Camilla (Naomi Campbell) takes over to help Hakeem get a share in the company. How will Luscious take this and will he ever get his company back?

Jamal is finally getting more and more into writing and has teamed up with Skye Summers (Alicia Keys) with a fantastic song Powerful. The lyrics that are written for this song explain themselves and you know what it’s about by just the name of the song. It really is a powerful song.

Luscious as he was in jail ends up killing one of the inmates he was friends with Frank Gathers (Chris Rock).

As he got out he looked for Franks daughter and adds her on to the Empire record label with her amazing rap songs but will it last? will she find out it was Luscious that killed her father?

Hakeem being 20-21 years of age and not even ready for what news his father’s ex-wife reveals to him and his family. A child is on the way, and Hakeem is the father. Will he want to stay by her side and raise the child as his own or will he give the baby up and never want to see his child again?

This season there is a lot going on. This season keeps you entertained not just with the music but also the way they have set this season out.There are so many massive names in season 2 you wonder will they be able to top the next season. I love this show, the music that is written and the artists that are committed to this show it really is like seeing the inside of a record label that may or may not happen.The hip hop scene is a hard industry to get into as there is so much competition, but play your cards right and know people you could get yourself out there.

I give this season 7/10

Music makes the world worth living