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Doctor Who S10E07 "The Pyramids At The End Of The World".


With the summer sun a distant memory and light touch of rain in the air. What better time to kick back with some food and watch this week's Doctor Who. Normally I am itching to watch it, counting down the minutes till the next episode. Yet, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see this after last week's episode. So was it better than last week? Which I gave my lowest review for. Read on to find out.

This episode starts rather oddly with a previously and now section. Which can be a little confusing if you're just jumping in or forgot last week's episode. the story is really interesting to the point of good but again some silly faults that I will try to explain in a moment. The story sees a newly formed pyramid by the weird monks from the last episode in a rather precarious place in the middle of three great armies. To make matters worse the doomsday clock is at 3 minutes to midnight. Meaning global extinction is on the cards. Now the plot to this episode and build up would lead you to think the monks are the main threat. In actual fact, just like the past few weeks the show has not one but two social points to make. Waring with ourselves is bad news for all and a reminder that it is tense in the real world. The twist of the show is not the monks planning to end us or armies of the three nations. Its an accident in a lab that is the main threat and the reason for the doomsday clock. As monks have cleverly predicted with the help of their VR stunt from last week. The plot also needs people of power to give the planet over willing in return for a favour from these monks, who appear to have some genie-like powers in that case. While most of us wouldn’t make the deal the plot shows us why some would make it. As well as why at the end Bill (Pearl Mackie) makes the deal that leads into episode 3 of this weird and sometimes bloated 3 part story.

So what did I like? Well, seeing a chain of events from the broken glasses and a broken bottle to the mistake in the lab. Leading back to the doomsday clock. Nice to see the butterfly effect on display here. Bill's date goes along way to help with diversity. As well as showing Rachel Dennings (Erica) in a role. Showing that people of small height can help to achieve great things in a lab and put in more than just a panto performance. In fact, she was my highlight of the week. The ending where Bill gives up the earth for The Doctor's sight was a good thing here. Social observations and a sly dig at the orange president was all good news to my ears. However, like I mentioned before this episode has some flaws.

The low points come in the shape of Bill who was witty and smart to start with being given that lobotomy again and just not noticing The Doctor was blind. They did do a better job of hiding it, but she should have picked up. Then I guess we wouldn’t have that ending. The scientists need to get a kick in the backside. Why turn up to work hungover? And why is she working without her glasses? If there is even a chance of this, she should have spare pairs. It made me groan when I saw all that. Also, I have to mention Missy, what was started last week was never finished this week. Weirdly it looks like it being held for next week. For every bad, there was more good this week.

All the main cast do well with their scripts this week. Even if they did have a few clangers in there. Like Matt saying he not just sexy or words to that effect. The next episode looks like it could be another simulation or it could be told from Bill's point of view while she lives with the consequences of her deal with the monks. I hope it's not all Pearl and very little Peter and Matt Lucas. I am not sure I am ready for that or that Pearl is ready for a solo episode yet. I want to see what happened to Matt and the trailer seems to of hinted Missy's return. Could she be the hero or the napalm to the whole situation? And will next week's episode show an end to the meddling monks? We shall see next time.

6/10 stars


Graham Leslie