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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016

The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Doctor Who meets the Marvel superhero verse is the only way this episode can be described. The Doctor is back from the 24 years he was with River Song, she is gone now. To the library to die, far away from his reach, to die in front of a man he once was who didn’t even know who she was. Her story arc is over, he can never cross her path again. He has lost another woman he loved, alone again. Donna, Rose, Amy, Rory, Clara, now River Song. Can his two hearts take anymore? Even he isn’t sure if they can, reanimating a robot butler called Nardole so he isn’t alone.

The Doctor is trying to build a machine to save the Earth, yet again. Slight problem when he triggers the trap and leaves himself swinging from a building outside a young boy’s bedroom window. A boy called Grant, who lets him in when his mother thinks he is talking about Father Christmas and says yes without even coming to look. Great parenting mum! Coulda let any stranger into your child’s room! They wait until Grant’s parents fall asleep, the Doctor reading Grant’s comic books before Grant leads him back to the roof.

The Doctor is showing the boy the machine, when he realises the boy has a cold giving him water and a little red item. Which he says to ‘take’, so the boy thought it was a cold pill and swallowed it. Its only one of the four most powerful stones in the universe, shades of the infinity stones anyone? When the Doctor looked, Grant’s chest is glowing bright red. The boy gets upset, and the stone gives him super powers adapting to his desires.

The Doctor follows Grant through his life trying to guide him as the stone causes him problems. X-ray vision, teenage years and a young girl called Lucy are problematic to say the least. Not to mention a strange brain swapping alien trying to take over the world through its world leaders, well that would explain Donald Trump! Nothing else has yet!

Then we have a superhero called the ghost to deal with, as well as an alien space ship heading towards Earth. A mysterious secret facility that a reporter called Lucy is investigating as well as sightings of the Ghost. While Grant is the nanny to her child staying at home. Or is he?

This could have either been a really shocking bad episode or an incredible one. I have to say, I think it is the latter. Many of the Christmas specials have been so lacking lately, that with also no series this year to keep the fan verse going left a lot riding on this episode. Which is classily written, with the right blend of humour and serious matters. Alone with a very large case of WTF he only takes his glasses off and wears a little mask and no one sees who the Ghost is? Talk about superman complex!

This is one of the best episodes of a very lacking in high quality storylines regeneration. I just wish the upcoming series looked better. Just looks like a retelling of Rose as he picks up another young girl who serves chips, to show her the universe.

9/10 stars

Sarah Beth James