The first ever time I saw Michael J Fox, he was Marty McFly in Back To The Future, I fell in love at first sight, I think I was eleven years old at the time. This led me to want to see all the films Michael J Fox has ever done. The one I saw after Back To The Future I believe was this one, Doc Hollywood.

Main Characters: Michael J Fox as Doctor Ben Stone and Julie Warner as Lou.
Director: Michael Caton-Jones

Michael J Fox plays a doctor/surgeon (Dr. Stone) who works in a very busy hospital, he then gets a job interview in Hollywood, on his way to Hollywood, he has an accident, he crashes his Porsche into a newly made fence, this is in a small town in the ‘bible belt’, the judge decides as a punishment to make Dr. Stone works in their town as their Doctor. He is judged by some of the locals as a Hollywood wannabe Doctor. The main Doctor, Doctor Hogue at the small town practice nicknamed Dr. Stone, “Hollywood”, which is where the title comes from.

Dr. Stone falls in love (fairly quickly) with Lou, the ambulance driver, but she doesn’t want to move away to LA with him, she sees him the same as the others see him, a Hollywood wannabe Doctor, until they have a heart to heart with each other and she realises he’s just a small-town boy who wanted to do good in the world. He does decide to go to the interview in Hollywood, he gets there and speaks to the surgeon, who tells him he’s had a glowing reference from Doctor Hogue. Dr. Stone tries out the Plastic Surgery clinic, but decides he doesn’t like it, he realises where his heart and soul belong, so he heads back to be with the love of his life, Lou. Oh, and of course, we mustn’t forget the pig!

It’s not suitable for family viewing as there are partial nudity shots and a little bit of swearing. As well as some moonshine sneaking in.

All in all, this is a good film, I thoroughly enjoyed it, As I said before I love Michael J Fox so that is initially why I wanted to watch it. I like the way the people make assumptions about the swanky Doctor with his shiny Porsche, they assume he’s some Hollywood hot shot, I actually felt empathy for Dr.Stone as I’ve regularly been in situations where people have assumed things about me, some people seemed to assume I was a ‘posh’ person purely because I try to speak correctly for instance. I also liked the moment Dr. Stone saw Lou for the first time, no not because she’s naked, but because of the look on Dr. Stones face, I’m afraid I am a hopeless romantic and believe in love (lust) at first sight.

I would certainly give Doc Hollywood a 10/10.

(Doc Hollywood is based on a book called ‘What? Dead Again?’ by Neil B. Shulman).


Guest Writer