A period piece set in the 1950's, starts with Hester (Rachel Weisz) attempting suicide from a gas fire. The attempt fails, and she starts to recover. Until her lover Freddie (Tom Hiddleston) returns home and finds a letter she penned as a suicide note in his pocket. He leaves to get drunk with friends, leaving her alone in the house. Launching into a series of flash backs cut with present time shots to show how they got to this place. Hester was a 'happily' married woman, to a judge Sir William Collyer (Simon Russell Beale). Until she met Freddie an ex RAF pilot with a troubled past struggling to deal with the horrors he saw in war and begins a passionate affair with him.

This is based on a Terence Rattigan play from 1952 of the same name. Funded by Film Four, Artifical Eye and the UK Film Council. Released in 2011 to celebrate Rattigan's centenary. Rachel Weisz won best actress 2012 New York Film Critics Awards, as well as Toronto Film Critics Association, and Village Voice Film Poll. Winning Best Picture Not Released in 2011 ICS award. Also nominated for 7 other awards including a golden globe for Rachel Weisz.

This is a powerful, emotive and often difficult to watch movie due to the subject matters covered. Both Rachel and Tom give very good characterisation under difficult conditions to a well written script. There is good chemistry between the lead couple, carrying the film forward. Freddie trying his best to find a coping method when he discovers how truly unhappy the woman he loves is. You find yourself drawn into the unfolding story line hoping they can find their way to happiness. They are a believable couple that a lot of people could identify with. Just trying to find out what real love is together while dealing with their jaded pasts.

Hester: Lust isn't the whole of life, but Freddie is, you see, for me. The whole of life. And death. So, put a label on that, if you can.

As a nod to any Loki fans, this pre Avengers movie shows Tom Hiddleston completely naked in the early minutes.