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Fallen Season: Harrison Gilbertson-Conspiracy 365: A Whole Year of Unexpected Twists and Turns

I rarely watch TV/movie adaptations without reading the books it were based on first. Knowing the material gives me this certain in-depth look on the entire thing, like seeing through the lens of a microscope. This adaptation is one of those rare moments. And boy, I really need to get my hands on the books ASAP.

Based on a series of books by Gabrielle Lord, Conspiracy 365 is a 12-part Australian series which aired in 2012 via FMC. There’s one episode for each month of the year. And at the end of each month, Cal is placed in a dangerous situation which provides suspense until the next episode. It featured Harrison Gilbertson as Callum Ormond, Taylor Glockner as Boges, Marny Kennedy as Winter Frey, Julia Zemiro as Oriana de la Force and Rob Carlton as Vulkan Sligo.

The story revolves around 15-year old Cal, who upon the mysterious death of his father, was warned by a stranger about the Ormond Singularity – a deadly family mystery that kills those who seek it. Returning home from his father’s funeral, the Ormond family finds their house searched and burgled. After dismissing it as a case of pure coincidence, Cal soon finds out that it is so much more than that after his Uncle Rafe is shot and his little sister Gabbi is knocked unconscious by unknown attackers in a home assault. With Cal tagged as a problematic teen after his father’s demise, he is accused of the crime and is forced to run away, living a life as a teen fugitive in search of the truth about his father’s death and the mystery that comes with it.

Armed with nothing but his father’s drawings as clues, Cal sets off on an adventure with the help of his best friend Boges – an awkward, brainy teenager, to solve the mystery. It is not so easy, however, since there are other parties in search of the Ormond Singularity, which is said to be a large amount of hidden treasure. Oriana de la Force, a fierce and manipulative lawyer, and Vulkan Sligo, a two-faced millionaire with a dark secret, both with dirty and dangerous tricks off their sleeves to get what they wanted.

In one of his near-death encounters, Cal meets Winter Frey, a mysterious girl looking for answers for her own questions, who becomes another friend and confidante to complete the trio. Together, they must unravel the mystery before time runs out. 365 days of lies, secrets, and unexpected traitors. Will Cal survive and get the answers he needed? I know the answer, but you need to watch the series for you to find out.

Now with the review, the series has that “waiting for the next ball to drop” suspense feel to it that would leave you wanting to watch the following episode as soon as you’re done with the first one. The storyline was flawless and very well put together. Good script. Good acting. No questions left unanswered, which leaves me a very happy camper. Some of the special effects look fake, especially the one where Cal fell off the cliff, but I can forgive that since the actors were amazing.

I haven’t read the books, but I honestly think Winter and Boges had more chemistry than Winter and Cal. Watching them bicker like an old couple was so adorable and hilarious at times. (I am telling you this professionally and not because I want Cal to myself, I swear.)

And don’t make me start about the perfection that is Harrison Gilbertson. If you haven’t heard of him yet, go check out Fallen, where he plays the sexy, gunless demon Cameron Briel (check the Fallen movie review on this site). At the young age of 23, and with very few film credits at that, he had already won the Australian Film Institute Young Actor Award for the movie Beneath Hill 60, which I will be reviewing one of these days.

Hats off as well to Rob Carlton, who played evil Vulkan, and Julia Zemiro, who played scheming Oriana for portraying their roles well. I seriously wanted to kill them on each episode. Anyway, the first episode is on the Conspiracy 365 official Youtube channel. Go check it out:

Giving this a 9/10