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Class (Doctor Who Spin Off)

With Doctor Who on the quiet front this last year, the BBC has spun off with a brand new series. Think Sarah Jane Adventures, but more adult. We are set back at good old Coal Hill School. Where the Doctor’s adventures first started, when he was a caretaker there. As well as several revisits through his regenerations including with Ace when Daleks took over the entire school.

With all these monster attacks, just like poor Tokyo in the Godzilla movies, Coal Hill has had a revamp. It is now an academy, with good prospects. Well, if people stopped disappearing and being murdered by aliens that is. Over the years, temporal rifts have caused time and space to wear thin around the school, causing it to be a beacon to strange activity.

We have a prince (Charlie), the last of his kind there as well as his servant Quill. Also the last of her kind, enslaved to his will for crimes she has committed against his people. A warrior now turned school teacher, who hates it. They were saved by the Doctor when the shadow kin destroyed his world. Before they follow him to Earth after a weapon of great destruction he carries.

Leaving April, a young human girl sharing a heart with the king of the shadow kin. Ram minus a leg from a shadow kin attack, seeing his girlfriend killed in front of him. Tanya (the youngest of them at only 14 to their average 17) trying to deal with everything she has seen. The last of the group is a young polish man called Matteusz who helps them escape or tries to. The Doctor gets an SOS from Quill, comes to try and fix things. Although Tanya and Ram have already worked out together that light sends the shadows away. He helps her by boosting the lights she has already turned on trying to save them.

The Doctor explains the situation, Quill thinking the children won’t understand. While they come up with various popular culture references to explain the happenings. He leaves them to their work protecting the school after giving Ram a ‘new’ leg.

The series progresses through the eight episodes, with various alien threats, the shadow kin, and at one point murderous flowers. The series is kept fresher than Sarah Jane with the fact that we have a more adult class of children, death, sex, loss, parental issues such as disowning and gay themes being covered. Giving a more rounded approach to the show. As well as dealing with control, and bullying issues with the whole Charlie/Quill situation. Where he constantly orders her to do things she doesn’t want to, so she has to obey.

The show picked up poor ratings when first shown on BBC3, but is gaining momentum now it is being shown on terrestrial and Iplayer. Looking promising for a season two soon, as well as a series of books being released. Episodes 3 and 4 are on tonight!

Anyone else think the female headmistress looks like Missy?

8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James