Have you ever thought while you were standing in front of your family one day thinking you have so much time left of your life, your healthy and fit, but then one day it all comes crashing down around you and you get hit hard that you may not be able to recover. Well, this show, Chasing Life is a bit like that.


Italia Ricci – April Carver
Mary Page Keller – Sara Carver
Rebecca Schull – Emma
Richard Brancatisano – Dominic
Haley Ramm – Brenna Carver
Aisha Dee – Beth Kingston
Scott Michael Foster – Leo Hendrie
Steven Weber – Dr George Carver
Merrin Dungey – Dr Susan Hamburg

A young journalist April Carver who’s pretty much starting out her life. Is on the job as usual but difference about this time is she manages to get into the blood donation bit. This was all to get an interview with some big name in sports. Unfortunately, she isn’t a fan of the sight of blood, she faints. She is taken to a hospital room until she could recover. The only problem now was her uncle who’s a doctor (Dr George Carver) finds her and noticed something abnormal about her blood work. He does further testing and finds out his niece has in fact got leukaemia, blood Cancer.

She can’t believe she has Leukaemia and instead of telling people she tries to ignore it and puts her appointments off as long as she could. She was a bit of a work alcoholic and her journalism was important to her. She was that scared to tell anyone or anyone finding out that not even her own family knew about it yet. It was getting beyond the schedule for her appoints to check her condition and how it was going. She was starting to get symptoms, bleeding nose, and feeling dizzy. She had to start Chemo soon before it was too late.

She also started heading to a support group where she finds out that the boss of the company she works for, his son Leo Hendrie was turning up to these meetings. They both found out they were suffering from some sort of Cancer, Leo’s being a tumour on the brain.

Eventually, April told her family but her work was still in the dark about it. She asks to take medical leave but doesn’t explain why she needed it. As she goes into hospital to start chemo for the next 7 days her family were by her side all the way and supporting her after she eventually told them. The Chemo made her feel ill and got to the stage she didn’t even want to go through anymore, but Leo came to her and told her to fight. She did that and continued with the chemo until the last day. She lost her hair eventually, as well as appetite and weight, but she still kept positive. She was in remission finally she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Will this be crushed or will she stay in remission?

Going through all this she finds out she has a half-sister that her father had kept from her and her little sister. Will the sister become part of the family or will she stay away not wanting to get involved?

Brenna, April’s younger sister was also going through a few things of her own. She was dating a young man but was also in love with a young girl she went to school with. She was confused and had to make the decision of which one she would choose.

Will it be the bf or the gf?

Watch the show on Netflix and find out:

This show may have been a hard one to watch but it was good to watch at the same time.

I give it an 8/10

In these situations that can be the only thing that keeps you going, thinking positive. I know this is only a show, but just watching it brought back the memories of when my mum went through Chemo, but she also had radiotherapy due to having lung cancer and Cancer in the lymph nodes. Cancer is sometimes hard to pick up but when the doctors do find it they try their best to try and beat it with you.

My mum didn’t get the whole sickness, her immune system was down, she still felt good. Eventually, she started to lose her hair and she wasn’t too happy about that being a hairdresser herself, her hair was like her pride and joy. She kept positive through her 6-week treatment of radio and the 7 days which was once a week of chemo. I myself didn’t go to every appointment with her but when I could I would drop her off and pick her up. I was supporting her and staying positive myself.

After all this mum finally got the all clear and was allowed to go back to work, but unfortunately, mum had an accident at work which landed her back in hospital with a fractured ankle. She had fallen down the stairs which sent a shock to her body in a way that may have led to her death but not been the actual cause. I’m not a fan of the hospital she was in as they never listen to her while she had infections that needed an antibiotic, but as usual, the doctors and nurses didn’t listen. Mums veins by now after all the chemo and radio was hard to get blood out of. The treatment makes your veins hard to find and hard to draw blood out of, it also casts inflammation on the lungs. So after 5 and bit weeks, mum was going to ICU just to get blood taken but unfortunately never came out. As mum wasn’t able to move around a lot not just of the ankle but to feeling ill while in hospital she ended up with fluid on the lungs. Her heart couldn’t cope. She passed away 17th of February 2016. The death certificate stated it was Cancer being the number one killer, among other things.

To me, for the day she got diagnosed to the day she passed she fought like hell. She fought to be free of this disease that shouldn’t have affected her, but it did.
I know everyone says things happen for a reason but this to happen to anyone is one of the worst things anyone from the person with Cancer to the family going through it with them. It’s not an easy thing to battle and not an easy thing to talk about but for our loved ones that leave us, we should always know that they may have left our side but they are still watching over us.

This show really takes in everything from Cancer, to Bi relationships, to drinking etc. This show does have meaning well what I took from it as well as life, be strong and never take things for granted because you never know how much time you have for yourself or the people you love.

Fight to live, life is too precious to waste.