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CEA - Writers Without Boundaries

Sharyukin’s work needed him to do dreadful things. He waited in the Hallway for Nabu, the Scribe, to complete the script that had contained his mission and mask. When the Akilu appeared, it meant one of two things, you either joined or you were killed, mostly you were killed.

The Akilu had informed Sharyukin that the last mask has been revealed and the Scribes have chosen him as their last performer. He cold bathed his skin to not release any scent as they can track him with it. Finally, the mask went on. He stood in shock and despair as he had to kill, loved ones that he knew were dead already but this told him differently. Given the mission, he could not stop as something worse would happen to him, he will become a monster and the city would not be saved. The mask and personality will disappear once the performance has ended!

He was upset at Nabu, for he could have warned him but the Scribe had tried to explain his ability to Sharyukin once.

“A scribe does not have the ability to see the future. We see the script in our mind through visions and transcribe it in the ancient Muin script, the language of my ancestors. It takes time and energy to write. Only once everything is written down, does its meaning become clear.”

Could the Scribe actually have been wrong this time around; as they are not capable of being wrong?

In. Hold. Out. These are the words you would commonly hear at yoga or meditation class. Not in the case of Anika. For her, she was under her bed hearing this man call out her name in searching for her and all she could do was mimic; ‘In. Hold. Out.’ Silently with her breathe. Jay was supposed to have come over and they would have the place to themselves. She bought wine, rented a movie and got the condoms. It was ultimately going to be the best night of her life. Jay was running late and she instead had faced the most fearful and anxiety driven night of her life. Would she survive the grips of her anxiety and escape her prisoner?

The smell of roasting meat got her up. She has been ill for a very long time but could hear in the distance her son Kagiso, calling to the ancestors all from the same direction of the roasting meat. She called to her two daughters but her call fell on deaf ear. Are they summoning the ancestors to aid in her health? As the chants go on she gets the strength to get up. The smell of roasting meat is enticing! The chants summons her!

I loved every one of these stories in this anthology. I do not have a favorite, which shows that each one spoke to the heart of me. This anthology is filled with Fantasy, Thrills, Action, Suspense, Drama, Romance and Mystery. Each author kept their own unique voice which was beautifully weaved together in a book. The book stayed true to its title. The stories instantly hauled me into their well-constructed sentences intelligently crafting each vivid and exciting scene. This is the second anthology that I am reviewing for CEA series and all I can say that it keeps getting better. This book is definitely better than the last.

Readers must be warned that this book is not for the under 18s or for those who are easily offended by sexual content, violence, and foul language. Other than that, great thumbs up for this book.


Pragashnie Naidoo