Saku is a Hybrid Shapeshifter and a loner. One day he stumbles upon a strange place and finds his way to an abandoned Mansion. In human form he goes in and calls out but nobody answers and then he sniffs out the place in wolf form. He finds the building was abandoned months ago. He uses his powers and with the help of other talented and gifted beings he cleans the place up and calls it home. Then an unexpected guest, Tugatsei arrives and challenges him to a duel to the death for this home. This home is a scavenged home so it has scavenger rules. Saku did not know the stranger's talents, but had no choice but to fight.

Broman was almost seven feet tall and weighed 300 pounds. He roamed the night raiding kitchens for vegetables together with Biggie Short the dwarf. Biggie Short and Jane, Broman’s girlfriend wanted more than vegetables and just shelter from the rain. Biggie Short told them about the evil dragon that is mean to grandmothers and has a horde of treasure. The three of them find a magician called Merlot and they undertake an adventure to go out to find the dragon. Meanwhile, not far behind Timmy the cyclops follows them.

They nicknamed the killer Suicide Slaughter. Sixteen bodies in the last six months and they all had their wrists slashed and reached their fate bleeding out. Ms. Silvergroom is on punishment duty and been banished to the cold cases. She has reasons to believe, from her findings in the historical files, that this is a copycat murder and had similar killing as far back as 1950s. She also discovered the murders were linked to a traveling theatre. You all know the fantasy horrors that lurk behind every shadow of the carnivals, through fantasy books and movies. Or do you really know? Let me let you into a little secret. This story is as real as you are reading this review.

The preparations have begun and Naari was not pleased by it though her mother still could not believe this was happening. Her daughter was the chosen one, her daughter was destined. A mighty dragon came to her village seven days ago and chose her to become the wind magician. The wind magicians were chosen by the potency of their magic; as the dragons could not alone take away the misery of the storms that were unleashed across the lands. Naari was so disheartened to leave Mikesh, the one she loved.

Desiree was their only child and only nineteen years old. She has been courting Eric for two months now but there is tradition that needs to be followed. After three months of courtship she would have to decide whether the courtship will continue or not. She often wished she was free as the Pegasus that flew across the ocean as she would prefer them to be, for many Pegasi had their wings clipped enough to keep them grounded, for they were possessions to the wealthy. The king’s brother arrived unannounced and she had to hurry back from her daydream to help in the kitchen to attend to the royal guests. Prince, Elensword the Gifted suddenly made eye contact with her during the feasting and everybody turned to look at the person he was looking at. He waved at her, a dishwasher …….


We all love fantasy, but what we love even more is the storytelling of fantasy. It is the ability to articulate words that can reach into your mind’s eye and play it out like a movie. We fall in love with all the characters of the magickal lands far, far away. This anthology did just that, it spoke to my imaginative senses sending me on different journeys, experiencing the thoughts of a werewolf to the humorous actions and words of the four travelers being trailed by a cyclops, being whisked away on a dragon and feeling my heart hurt to thought of wing-clipped Pegasus, experiencing Kings, Prince's and the pauper, and not forgetting the spine chilling fantasies of the night that drains our blood.

All the stories were alive and vibrant with memorable tales leaving me feeling satisfied and in awe. I love fantasy stories as it is one of my favorite genres. These stories hit the right spots for me. It was fanciful, captivating, goofy, creepy and enchanting. To the authors of this anthology, hope to see more stories from you in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!

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Pragashnie Naidoo