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CEA - Into the Beyond

Five authors, five journeys, you, yes you, get to go on five completely different journeys of a lifetime. Buckle up folks and enjoy the ride, into the beyond.

Meet Sheryl, she works for an innovative company called GreenWorks. They focus on making environmentally friendly technology like the bamboo alarm clock which has a self-momentum-creating-wooden-gear, which provides its own power. It is her innovative mind that was behind this invention. One day she goes to work and something goes corrupt in the computer room but she easily fixes it. She goes to sleep that night and wakes up to the same day. Is it another Groundhog Day adventure? Absolutely! But with a great twist!

Far south of the world, it is year 2030, a man is forced to see his wife get raped. Nine months later she has an unwanted baby girl but every child that is less than five years older that her will have superhuman strength. In 2025 pregnant women were asked to take a drug that will give their off-spring superhuman strength. The events that happen can only be left to your imagination.

Maggie was supposed to have met her hubby for a hot bath at home in 30 minutes, before their two kids got home in two hours’ time. Everything was in order in Greenhouse 3 where she managed and tended to the plants and harvesting food for the ship. Earth was already 300 years behind them. She reached the central lift to get home but found a crowd waiting there and discovered that something was wrong. She could not get to her husband and to her two kids she loved very much, and she could not contact them either as many units of the ship started shutting down. Something sinister was happening and she has to find her way back to her family.

“Ladies, gentlemen and zero-demons, we are now approaching Ares City, and will be passing through the dome. Please brace yourself for the phase-shift through the shielding………” Gwynne is on the hunt for her spawn and he is somewhere down in the city. She is an agile bird/woman though her wings do not function anymore, through evolution. Her delinquent child has caused her so much trouble and worry.

They have discovered a moon in the Blue Star System. Humans have discovered and colonized many such celestial bodies but never found anything as intelligent as them. Many wondrous creatures, both beautiful and exotic but nothing they could communicate with and trade with. Starscout cruiser has embarked on this moon, which the Captain of the ship named after her girlfriend and called it ‘Lynnai’s Heart’. What they discover on this moon is not for the feint of heart and if they get out of this alive it would be a miracle, if you believe in miracles, that is.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this anthology. I found my imagination tickled and was very easily transported into the scenes of the stories as the story telling was immaculate. I have read the past two anthologies and I have encountered some authors again and again through each anthology and I have to say it is so spectacular to watch their writing grow from strength to strength. So in this way I am so honored to be part of most the authors’ journey here. These anthologies only get better. I am so glad that the Publisher kept all the authors voices in all these anthologies as you get to see the confidence shine through with every next piece that they write and love seeing how people grow exponentially.

I do not really read Sci-Fi books in general but I found this anthology Into the Beyond will be sending me on a journey of self-discovery into the unknown of wanting to read more in this genre. There was a mixture of exotic creatures, space travel, Groundhog Day with a bit of Rick and Morty thrown in compounded with a bit of action, betrayal and shock with elements of surprise and revelations.

Oh, and did I mention, I loved it!

Unfortunately I am battling to score the anthology as there is one particular story I did not like. I would give the book an easy nine if it was not for that specific story.

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Pragashnie Naidoo