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Captain America: Cival War. Pick a side.

The third installment of the Captain series hit UK cinema’s yesterday setting up the storyline for the two part Avengers Infinity Wars. Returning cast was the largest of any Marvel movie since Avengers. Seeing Black Widow, Hawkeye, Wanda, Vison, Ironman, Captain, War machine, Falcon and Bucky return. As well as bringing in Black Panther, Ant Man and Spiderman. Sad perhaps that Hulk and Pepper Potts are only mentioned in passing.

After a mission in Nairobi that goes badly wrong allowing a building to get blown to pieces as Wanda throws the bomb into it with her powers to save Steve and the rest of the bystanders. Killing countless to save even more. Tony is starting a funding scheme to pay for hundreds of student grants/loans to relive some of his guilt of the blood on his hands. He gets affronted by a mother showing him a picture of her son who was killed during the missions of Avengers two. Guilt is starting to weigh impossibly heavy on his shoulders as well as on Wanda’s as they wonder about how to continue. 117 countries of the world have come together to write a series of accords to contain and control those who have special powers.

The team each have the choice to bow down signing the rules, only going out on approve missions. Doing what they are told by who they are told to do it. Stuffed shirts who never saw combat would call all the shots. They could retire and walk away or they can continue as they are and become criminals. Tony is 100% pro the accords. Where as Steve is 100% against them. Leaving each of the rest to pick a side, dividing the friends.

When the meeting to finalize the accords meets, housing hundreds of world leaders they end up bombed, evidence showing that it is Bucky who performed the deed. Steve is still reeling from Peggy Carter’s funeral, breaks off with the help of Peggy’s niece to find his old friend. Taking some members of the team with him. Splitting the friends in half, fighting between themselves for what they each believe in. Both sides recruiting to rebuild their teams with other like themselves. As we start to discover more of the sinister under plot as well as the truth to how Bucky became the Winter Solder.

This is a bit of an odd ball movie. Almost trying to be Avengers all over again, but not quite making it somehow. It is certainly the best in this Captain series. As a whole I enjoyed the movie greatly. However I found the first third of the film overly slow while things were setting up with the accords. Which seem to me to be highly shades of the Xmen mutant register. There is very little of the usual brand of sarcastic humour in this section of the film, leaving it a little bit bland. Until the teams split apart, and then the usual brand of humour returns. Making it a much better production!

The interplay between Tony and Peter Parker when he recruits him is amazing. He is so green both sides of the fight are telling him what to do and how to act. Steve seems to find a soft spot for the kid from Queens, almost seeing himself in him. Peter although very young, and not much good at fighting has very good ideas. It is interesting to see Widow and Hawkeye on different sides as well. Although I did keep losing track of who was on whose side, even more so when they started to switch sides. I think it could take several viewings to make full understanding of certain parts. The background on Tony and the Winter Solider was very well done, extremely informative. The emotions behind the characters were highly relatable, as you could see into the fact they really didn’t want to fight each other. They just had to. Parts of the rest of the film could have done with a great deal of expanding. I almost wish that it had been split into two to make the most of the plot.

When you watch it, remember that there are TWO teasers in the title. One mid way and one right at the end. Don’t miss any spoilers. There is a lot of good to come yet!

4/5 stars.