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CAPCOM: Not a Hero to Resident Evil 7 fans - Delays in release announced


And there you have it, folks. The much-anticipated DLC for the latest survival horror game by CAPCOM, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard {RE7}, is delayed. This comes from an announcement by CAPCOM to Resident Evil ambassadors who have signed up for updates. The communication hit my inbox a few minutes ago, but I can't say I am surprised.

Ever since the release of RE7, the Season Pass has delivered some exciting content. Banned Footage Vol. 1 gave us 'Bedroom' (a 'Room Escape' type game), 'Nightmare' (Wave horde mode that gets harder with each wave) and 'Ethan must die' (respawn and learn from each death until you can complete the game). Banned Footage Vol. 2 gave us '21' (playing a 'Saw' film type of Black Jack with Lucas), 'Daughters' (where you learn the story before the game), and 'Jack's 55th birthday' (an arcade style game where you need to fill Jack with party food and drinks before the time runs out).

Even though CAPCOM has promised us so much more for the upcoming year, we are still pretty much excited about the release of the next, free DLC, 'Not a Hero'. For those of you who have not completed the main game, STOP READING HERE. For the rest of you...

We were treated at the end of the main game with Redfield appearing and aiding us with the final boss. He then picked us up in an Umbrella helicopter and whisked us off to who-knows-where. And then the teasers began for 'Not a Hero'. It seemed as if Redfield would be the main protagonist, and his affiliation with Umbrella still stands and needs to be explained.

When CAPCOM mentioned recently that they were outsourcing the development of the 'Not a Hero', many fans expressed concern. It was questioned why the outsourcing was needed, but it seemed that CAPCOM wanted to give us the best experience outside the main game as possible.

And now it was announced that the release will be delayed. Here is a video link where CAPCOM provides the details of the delay: https://youtu.be/8aMXEgo6SGI

In their own words from the email: 'The reason for this delay is that the content was simply not at the level of quality we know our fans expect and deserve.' No doubt, the product they received from the external party was not up to spec. It seems they need more time to develop it further in order to meet the quality that we expect and deserve.

And I agree. We've been hyped up for this DLC, so why should we not get the best experience ever? Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long for its release, or heaven forbid (dare I even say it?), they pull a Konami and it gets a Silent Hills / P.T. type cancellation.

I still have high hopes for this release, and if we have to wait a bit longer for the best quality, then so be it.

Shaun M Jooste
Author of the Celenic Earth Chronicles and Silent Hill: Betrayal