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Can't Let You Go: LGBTQ book review

Touching LGBT+ tragic love story, between two long term best friends. Alex and Lucy, who met each other in their senior year of school. Swiftly becoming firm friends as they stood as two loners against the whole school. One a young man struggling to contain his homosexual nature from his class mates, yet already being bullied because they think he may be gay. The other a young woman with a dark past, trying to escape the aftermath of an abusive relationship as well as its scars on her very soul.

Both want to make it in the big city, Alex is a fantastic singer/songwriter and Lucy a writer. Who gets convinced by Alex to take a shot at being a singer along side him, even though she suffers from stage fright after her abuse. Lucy in turn convinces Alex to move to the city with her, escaping his family and having to hide who he really is. When the bullying gets extreme in school, she even fakes being his girlfriend for some time so he can find some relief. Yet even that doesn’t stop the bullying, which comes to a head at Prom.

They think all their problems have come to an end when they move to the city, leaving behind all their friends/family, yet that is only the beginning. As even more problems develop in the lives they lead. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. Always coming together again should they need support. Going through everything together. The only problem with the situation is Lucy is completely in love with Alex, even though he does not return that love. Watching him with other men is painful, so much so she walks away for a number of years.

The book slides between past and current events showing the processing time line, while linking in important parts of their pasts without bogging the reader down with too much information at once. The very first chapter starts with Alex revealing to Lucy he has cancer, what he doesn’t tell her is it is highly progressive and he has only six months to live. We watch them going through his treatment, while the oncoming certainly of death brings Alex to question everything about his life so far. Bringing forth strong regrets of a path never taken. Questioning even his own sexuality, as he starts to come to terms with the fact he has been in love with Lucy for as long as she has with him. The only question is, can Alex come to terms with being bisexual in time to have a short amount of time with the person he truly loves?

This is a fantastic read, one that will have you laughing at times, crying at others as you get completely drawn into the rich deep characters Sarah is so good at creating. Perfectly showcasing how you shouldn’t keep to rigid labels of sexuality during your life time, instead allowing yourself to embrace the full circle experience of love. Caring only of the soul inside, not the skin it is encased in. This book is on par with current trending tragic romances such as The Fault in Our Stars and Me before You. Beautiful to see the same kind of deep romance in an LGBT background. I deeply hope that this book and the author behind it get snapped up very soon. As this would make a fantastic movie/television series.

I simply can not wait until 2017 when the next book in the series publishes. Drawing together the main four characters from both Save Me (Jack and Nic) with the new ones we have met here. I am assured in the end (by 2018), the fourth and final book will gain a happy ever after ending. However how the characters gain it, Sarah is being very tight lipped over. Keep watching her author’s pages for spoilers as well as more information, including 2017 book signing events.

One of the best LGBT+ books I have read this year, 8/10 stars. I only wish that the book was longer, so we could experience more of the back story between these two. Perhaps the later books will expand into this.

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