Bridget Jones is a strong female lead that anyone can identify with. 30 something, not quite sure where she is going in life yet, living alone in a small flat. Her mother on at her constantly to find a good man. I’m sure ladies most of us have been there before! When she is upset she hides in bed eating ice cream. A deeply human character, written to feel as true to life as possible.

We already saw two films of her bouncing between being single and two very good looking men. Mark Darcy, played by the amazing Colin Firth and Daniel Cleaver played by the equally amazing Hugh Grant. Just like a lot of us, she just can’t seem to get things to work out. Falling apart in front of the guys she likes, saying things that make her look and seem stupid. When she really isn’t, just makes herself feel that way. We had hoped that after the last film Bridget had finally gained her happily ever after.

However it wasn’t to be, Mark Darcy is now married……

To someone else…..

Bridget is still single and now over 40 as yet another birthday rolls by. Attending the funeral of Daniel Cleaver who is believed dead after a plane crash, she sees Mr Darcy again with his wife beside him. Trying to pretend she is really dating the random guy sat next to her whenever Mr Darcy tries to catch her eye.

Our heroine takes solace in her great new job as a TV producer, talking with her new over 30 friends there. One of which ends up dragging her for a ‘spa weekend’ which actually turns out to be a muddy festival and of course Bridget is wearing high heels and white clothes. Falling into a pit of mud to be rescued by a tall handsome stranger Jack. Getting completely wasted, she ends up re meeting the stranger and sleeping with in when she stumbles into his text not her own. Leaving long before he wakes up, to go back to her normal life.

Then she happens to meet Mr Darcy again at her friend’s christening, where they both end up being God parents. Forced to spend time together, Bridget ends up getting very drunk playing with the children. While Mr Darcy (equally drunk) ends up watching her, seemingly thinking about what kind of mother she would be. A few more drinks and he asks her to take a walk with him, admitting that he is getting divorced and misses her. Clue love interest number two of the film and Bridget’s second night of passion. Again she leaves before her lover wakes. Leaving behind her a note explaining how it has and could never work between them after al these years trying. Ignoring his calls.

Focusing on her job becomes more difficult with a new management team trying to fire everyone. As well as not understanding why she is gaining weight again so fast. Until that fateful test and the concern of who actually is the father of Bridget’s growing baby?

Trying to gain a DNA sample from both potential fathers’, Bridget ends up telling them both about the baby. The only huge hitch is they are so positive about the situation that she can’t bring herself to tell either there is only a 50% chance it’s them. More complications arrive from her mother running for a council position, and ashamed of her pregnant, unmarried daughter with confused baby daddy issues.

Leaving us with a hysterically funny at times caper between Bridget and her sarcastic jaded female doctor trying to hide the father’s from each other. Even more amusing when they do eventually find out and start bidding for her affections. You will change your mind at least a dozen times over which you want to be the father or if you want Bridget to go it alone.

This is certainly the best of the series of movies to date.


Sarah Beth James