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Blizzard Discusses Bringing the Necromancer back in DIABLO 3

In Blizzcon during November 2016, Blizzard Entertainment announced that it was bringing back the Necromancer character from Diablo 2 as a new Diablo 3 feature.

And the features described for the Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer pack sound fantastic. Not only will you get the extra character, but the Necro will have some wicked powers alongside the previous ability to raise the dead. The outfits will also cater for this dark side, which promises to make both the male and female characters look morbidly splendid.

It seems as though we will be getting this character with the 20th Anniversary of the Diablo franchise. Here's some more insight from Valerie Watrous, Rise of the Necromancer’s lead writer for lore:

They’re much more philosophical and thoughtful than some of our other classes, who are impulsive and rush in. If a death disturbs the balance of life and death, it’s more of an academic problem for them than an emotional one.

Here's a trailer we were teased with during Blizzcon. Please note that there is mature content.

Source: IGN

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