With Graham working on the modern series, I am taking reviews on a lot of the past series. I did say I was gonna pull out a few of the best episodes and Blink, the first episode to ever star the weeping angels (back in series 3) has to be one of the most groundbreaking episodes so far.

The Doctor is trapped, stuck back in the 60's with Martha. He has no TARDIS, no way home. What is he going to do? Good thing he knew it was going to happen and could prepare in advance...............

Enter Sally Sparrow, a young woman who likes investigating old places. Wester Drumlins, an abandioned old house. Where she looks for things to photograph. Including she locates a very strange angel statue in the garden, which creeps her out. Behind the peeling wallpaper, she sees the edge of some writing. Investigating she sees her name, no really. A message from the past to Sally Sparrow. Among other things warning her to duck. As she peels back the last piece of paper, she does as she is told. To have something hit the wall smashing, just where her head had been. Scared she leaves.

Next day, she returns with her friend Kathy Nightingale. As they explore, someone arrives at the door. Sally goes to answer the doorbell, while Kathy is upstairs. When she does so, a man is there with a very old letter for a Sally Sparrow. He was told to deliver at this time, on this day to Sally. A letter from Kathy Nightingale. Sally runs off to find her friend, only to discover that she is missing. The letter holds pictures, a letter and information of where Kathy ended up, and the life she lived. Along with a request, to tell Kathy's brother (Larry) a lie to protect him. Collecting a yale key as she does so, that was hanging on one of those creepy statues.

Sally goes to the record shop where he works, and in a beautiful scene where he freaks out because Kathy said to tell him, she loves him. Leading him to think one of them is dying, which is spellbindingly written. She notices a man on the view screen, a video playing. Remembers it as something playing at Kathy's the night before when she went to fetch her friend. It is explained as a 'secret easter egg' on several DVDs. One that no one knows why it is there. The weird part is when the recording appears to be communicating with Sally.

Larry gives Sally a list of the DVDs before she goes to report Kathy as missing at the police station. Where she meets Billy, who takes her to see a lock up of cars that were found abandioned at the house. No sign of the owners, including a strange blue police box. One that no key can open. After talking and flirting with Billy, she leaves. Before realising that her key she found might be the right one. By the time she gets back there, both the box nad Billy are missing. Who ends up back with the Doctor, and given a message that is going to take a very long time to deliver.

She gets a phone call and asked to go to the hospital. Where she finds Billy as an old man. He tells her to look at the DVD list. She stays with him 'til the rain stops', before working out what the link is and who the message is meant for. She gets Larry to bring a DVD, a player and meet her at the house. Now Larry will finally see, how the other side of the conversation plays out from the easter egg. As Sally fills in her parts, which Larry writes down. Creating the list that the Doctor is reading from back in the 60's that lead them here in the first place. A right mind screw!

The only problem is, the list was never finished. Sally and Larry were stopped from answering. The Doctor thinks he knows why the angel statues. He warns them to get out, to not look away, and Don't blink, don't even blink. Blink and you are dead!

I loved this episode for several reasons.

Firstly: The angel statues. When I was little, there was a graveyard we used to pass every time we went into town. Stood outside was a life size angel statue, which I swear to all the Gods I know. That one day, it turned and looked right at me. My mother always told me I was crazy, I'd imagined it. Then all those years later, the show comes on and I am screaming I told you!!I told you angels could move!! The episodes scare the hell out of me, in a good way, because of that one memory. The concept that is oh too believable. A statue in the wrong light is terrifying. Tricks of the light, your own fears. Easy to see something that may or may not be real. I will never know if that statue really moved, but I'm sure it did.

Secondly: Sally Sparrow herself. The only beta character who has EVER led a full episode as the leading lady. The only time the Doctor has ever been saved by a stranger. The only episode I can think of, where the Doctor has but a tiny role. The whole thing revolves around Sally and Carey Mulligan's tremendous acting talents. She steals the show completely. This episode could have gone so wrong with miscasting.

Lastly: The fact we see that The Doctor isn't all knowing and all powerful. He said once in all his travels in time and space he had never met anyone who was unimportant. This couldn't be truer when it comes to Sally. The woman who saved The Doctor.

Go and watch this episode tonight, you know you want to.

And whatever you do....

Wherever you go....

Always remember...

copyright SiwgrGalon

10/10 stars