Your lovely admins (Sarah as Jareth from Labyrinth and Vicky as the Joker) ended up on a road trip this Saturday (18th March) to go and see what Iconic was all about at its first promo shoot in Blackpool.

Outside the Grand Theatre Blackpool, the batmobile was parked, drawing everyone's eye to the event. Well hosted by the theatre, leaflets for the show were handed out, as cast and fans (including us) were dressed up to promote the show. As well as meet and greets with Steve Steinman (as Bond), Hayley Russell (as Harley Quinn) and John Evans (as the Joker) and some of the backstage crew, Sam Dixon (Robin) made you feel welcome as they chatted about the upcoming show. All in the beating sunshine ............

Well, actually it was in drizzle and cool air, but nothing could put us off celebrating the release of this amazing new show.

We were supported by Steve making us laugh, joking about why weren't we in Barbados, as well as Bella Italia who kindly donated pizzas and the staff of the Grand who made us hot tea and coffee.

Iron man entertained the children in a stunning costume, working the square perfectly. Also in attendance were various comic book characters including Starlord, an Avenger, Robin, Catwoman and a cute little boy dressed up as Batman. We even had Leon Clarke with a member of the un-dead with us. As well as Harley Quinn (Lou Blackledge) and her pretty awesome Hammer proving popular.

We had a few photos taken inside the foyer of the Grand Theatre, and then flitted between being inside and outside as we posed for various photographs, before chatting to the crowds and passing people, letting them know what to expect and trying to lure them into buying their tickets for a great night out.

The outline of the show is as follows:

What do you do in a world where live theatre and cinema are no more?

Where the magic of rock songs and films are just distant memories and stories that your elders tell?

If you are lucky enough to be approached by Benson, the old usher who looks after a dilapidated theatre past its prime, for a special price and one night only, you can purchase a ticket for a midnight screening to relive the magic of those ICONIC songs and movies again.

We know from the videos and pictures that have been put out by Steve so far that there will be some Bond songs in there, music from Young Guns and also some Batman,

We know it is going to be great. In fact, some of us already have tickets for next year's tour of Iconic, we are that confident.

All that remains is to get to Mansfield Palace Theatre for opening night, Friday 24th February 2017, and wait for the magic to happen ...

Get your tickets online at

Vicky and Sarah