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Best of Dr Who: Silence in the Library-The Forests of the Dead

"Someone is in my library!!"

The indignant line from a young girl, who has a library in her imagination. That Dr Moon tries to help her forget, and focus on the world around her. A Doctor that is able to make her forget about it by a simple command. Yet she will always remember. Hear phone calls from the library that no one else can. See the library on her tv screen. She sees it when she closes her eyes. A vast library, with no end. Reaching into forever.

The library, the largest in the universe. A whole planet turned into one giant book depository. Who wouldn't want to go there? I know I would move in right now! Millions of books?! That beats even the Beast's library! Two people bursting into it, The Doctor and Donna. Well, maybe not as peaceful as I hoped, but never mind. After all, there isn't another soul on the planet with us.

Oh, wait. Shouldn't there be? Where did all the people go?

All these life signs, and yet no people. This is all getting a little strange. And then, another ship arrives. With a team lead by River Song, someone who knows everything about The Doctor. That he hasn't even met yet. Someone, who even knows Donna and what will happen in her future. With a TARDIS for a diary trying to make dates with the Time Lord. He doesn't trust her, doesn't want anything to do with her. That won't do, River Song needs him to trust her completely. Leaving her giving him a spoiler that shocks him to his core.

As they progress, people start dying. Eaten by Vashta Narda, the specs in sunlight. A race that swarms in forests feeding. But where are the forests in a library? As the creatures take over space suits, to attack and converse with the team. Along with a mysterious being known as Cal, that runs everything. The Doctor has a race against time to try and save not only the team but Donna and everyone else on the planet.

This is probably one of the creepiest double episodes in the reboot to date. Chilling, something so easily believable. Who wouldn't be terrified at the idea of watching out for how many shadows you have in case you have been attacked. How many times in everyday life does the light hit right and cast a double shadow? Well, you know which of us are fans when you suddenly hear screamed Count The Shadows!!!! Which must be one of the most used catchphrases after Exterminate and Don't Blink.

River was a mystery to all of us the first time around, who on earth or any other planet could know so much about The Doctor?! How does she know his name? How does she have a TARDIS book? A mystery which takes several seasons to understand completely and only just got wrapped up in Peter's years.

You see the deep friendship between Donna and The Doctor, as he tries to save her even though he doesn't think he can save himself or everyone else there. Not knowing he is actually doing far more harm to her. The cliff hanger of the first episode is terrifying. Knowing that he just might not get Donna back this time.

Well worth repeated viewings. This and the Weeping Angel's episodes are always my most watched.