Beauty and the Beast has to be one of the most iconic films that Disney ever produced. Coming out in 1991, it became a huge part of our childhood's whether we were children or adults watching it with them. With huge songs such as Tales as Old as Time and Be Our Guest, as well as the amazing title track. I do not think you will find a single young lady out there who has no idea who Princess Belle is, or at least the girl in the pretty yellow dress with a rose. The storyline so popular that it still is showcased in the theatre productions seen in Disneyland Paris when I visited last year.

With Hollywood's current trending obsession with remastering or remaking classic movies, this was bound to be high on the list. There has been a huge public outcry at the fact it is being done as a live action film, instead of the classic cartoon of its past. I have to admit, that I was one of those voices. However, seeing the trailers now, I have to say that I can quite excited for the production. Emma Watson looks stunning as Belle, and seems to have well captured the spirit and idea of the character she is playing. Luke Evans looks a very believable, self-obsessed and truly nasty Gaston. Dan Stevens showing the two sides of Beast's characters perfectly.

Headlining an all-star cast including Ewan Mcgregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline. The sets and costumes look as fantastic as the cast list. The only thing I can say with heartfelt disappointment I do not like about the trailers are the magic furniture pieces. Which look frankly terrible. I can only hope the storyline distracts me from this during the production.

See the trailer below and tell us what you think in the comments:

Sarah Beth James