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Assassin’s Creed 2016

Before we start, I just want to say that I know nothing about the video game franchise prior to seeing this production. I vaguely remember my brother in law ranting about it, showing me his brand new game years ago. After watching him play a few minutes and assessing that it was a game with a large amount of complex jump moves to access hidden areas I discarded all thought of it knowing I am not good at the style of gameplay. I see adverts for the games constantly and walk passed. I have no idea what it was about this film trailer that interested me, but it certainly hooked my attention fully. No ladies, it wasn’t just for a certain cast member being shirtless.

We see a young boy coming home, his mother on a chair facing him. ‘Crazy’ playing in the background. Something is wrong, blood drips to the floor from her fingers. His mother is dead, the necklace hanging limply from her fingers. His father has murdered her, he sends the boy running before ‘the others’ get to him. Black cars, people arriving. He runs and keeps on running.

Cut to thirty years later, the boy is now a man on death row. In his final hours leading up to his death by lethal injection. His final words are ‘Tell my father, I will see him in hell’. Death isn’t as final as he thinks, as he then wakes up in a hospital bed. Told that in all legal ways he is now dead. The doctor tries to talk to him about the institute he is now in. He fights to get away, crawling at some point as the drugs are still in his system. Running when he finds it possible, through rooms filled with other patients.

He discovers they are high above the city streets, in a facility that is trying to locate the genes that create violence in people so they can destroy it. Or so they say! They do so, by locating a person from a certain bloodline that they have an item belonging to that person’s ancestor. Using them to regress the person to that life with their machines. Watching as that person lives out parts of that life to study their reactions. The device has a serious strain on the human body, causing brain damage or even death if you do not undertake it willingly.

The truth is that they are The Knight’s Templar, who are tracking down members of the Assassin’s Creed in search of some old relic that can be used to completely control the human mind. They have countless members of the Creed there, who now they know who they are starting to work for their own agenda. Why did the doctors not predict that? Shakes my head. The Creed will keep the Apple from the Knights at all costs, even their own lives.

Fast paced, exciting from start to finish other than that stupid mistake of creating their own worst enemy! Accessible enough that even if you know nothing about the games (like me), you can understand the production without having to ask questions. I have to admit I completely enjoyed the production, finding it the best game to film production I have seen.


Sarah Beth James