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As The World Falls Down: Labyrinth

With Henson teasing on and off that there may be a sequel to this amazing cult classic in pre production it is a perfect time to look back at the original. A film which made millions of teenage girls fall desperately in love with David Bowie as the most lovable villain in movie history. A man who was in love with a girl and tried to do what she wanted by taking away her brother Toby to make her life better. Thousands of people signed countless petitions for a sequel to be made reuniting the couple, spawning countless fan fictions and videos, however if their pleas will be answered or not only time will tell.

The original movie showed Jareth (David Bowie) as the Goblin King, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) as the teenager always made to stay at home with her baby step brother Toby (Toby Froud). Tired of her step mother (Shelley Thompson) taking her belongings to give to the child, Sarah wishes the baby away while telling him a story about the Goblin King being in love with her and granting her special powers not knowing that she spoke the truth accidentally. Jareth takes the baby to his castle to make him into a goblin. Sarah begs for a chance to win her brother back, so she is issued 13 hours to solve his labyrinth and save the boy. Of course it's never going to be as easy as it sounds.

With ground breaking puppetry from the Henson Creature Workshop, amazing special effects from George Lucas, a stunning soundtrack scored by Trever Jones, and David Bowie in tight grey trousers at the height of his music career it is shocking to think that Labyrinth actually did very badly at the original box office. Only taking a little over $12 million over 52 days from its release, barely attracting any interest from the public or film critics. However when it was released on VHS and later DVD this steadily became the cult classic it has become today. Spawning more spin-off merchandise and comics then I care to think of. Even gaining a rerelease of the gold dust rare original book of the film last year.

We all can but hope that a sequel is done faithful to the original story line and cast.

Rest In Peace Mr David Bowie

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Sarah Beth James