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Ancient Civilisations Brought to Life by 3855 Artists

Artists from different entertainment industries in life, namely games, film and television, have been part of a massive, fantastic competition called Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found. Almost 4000 entries have been evaluated, and the best artists have been selected.

The competition was held by Artstation Magazine. The scope of the project was to "go beyond imagining a bygone civilization, and bring it to life with a compelling narrative." Both professionals and amateurs participated in the major event, which ran from March until May 8.

You can view the Artstation site in order to see the first three places and honourable mentions per category, but here are the winners.

Viz Dev categories

Ancient Civilizations – Keyframe Concept Art

1st place Keyframe Concept Art: Joakim Ericsson

Devon Fay: “The sense of exploration is present for sure. Well executed images.”

Ancient Civilizations – Character Design

1st place Character Design: Carlyn Lim

Devon Fay: “Builds a unique world just based off these characters. So many great choices to get lost in.”

Ancient Civilizations – Environment Design

1st place Environment Design: Leon Tukker

Devon Fay: “Insane sense of scale. Great macro take on the whole look. Clearly hit a nerve with may other artists, inspiring others on their projects.”

Ancient Civilizations – Game Character Art (real-time)

1st place Game Character Art (real-time): Rodrigo Gonçalves (Original concept: Tatiana Vetrova)

Satoshi Arakawa: “Rodrigo’s piece is the most polished entry in the game-art character challenge. He did an excellent job translating the concept to 3D form while also adding his own unique touches. Sculpting, modeling, and texturing are all done to an incredibly high standard!”

Devon Fay: “Captures the attitude of the character perfectly.”

Ancient Civilizations – Film/VFX Character Art (rendered)

1st place Film/VFX Character Art (rendered): Remy Dupont (Original concept: Ivan Dedov)

Devon Fay: “Beautifully sculpted character. Lots of challenging aspects all rolled into one design and Remy executed on all of them expertly.”

Ancient Civilizations – Film/VFX Matte Painting

1st place Film/VFX Matte Painting: Uriel Leonardo Prado Soria (Original concept: Aaron Chow)

Tiberius Viris: “Uriel’s entry is a good example of how to follow a pre-production concept and turn it into a final environment.”

Devon Fay: “Crazy amount of detail achieved in these images. Approached in a really smart way that led to a very successful final submission.”

Ancient Civilizations – Game Environment/Level Art

1st place Film/VFX Matte Painting: Uriel Leonardo Prado Soria (Original concept: Aaron Chow)

1st place Game Environment/Level Art: Floyd Billingy (Original concept: Andrew Collins)

Devon Fay: “Fantastic holistic take on the environment. Large read is great, all the way down to the beautiful materials.”

Tiberius Viris: “Floyd’s entry accurately captures the original concept art, while adding details and personal touches that further improve it. Good job from both a technical and artistic point of view!”

Sources: Kotaku; Artstation Magazine

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