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Allegiant closes the Divergent trilogy at the box office

So here we are at the end of a journey which started with Divergent in 2014. Allegiant burst into the big screens this week, the last in the trilogy of films based on the books by Veronica Roth. Firstly I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU!!! To the directors of this film who decided to break with the modern trend of splitting finale books into two films, and just ran it just as one single! There is nothing more frustrating then having the book split in completely a place it isn’t meant to be, and then having to wait a whole year more to see how it should end! I wish that far more modern movies did this!

We continue on from the ending of the last film, with Tris and Four getting ready to cross the wall and see what is beyond. Caleb, Marcus and the others involved in the brainwashing of the Dauntless all locked up facing trial, or rather execution at the hands of Four’s own mother. A new council made up of the leaders of the old factions and the factionless. After the first executions Amity leaves to form the Allegiant against the new world order. To fight for the freedom of all again, wanting to return the factions and restore order to the chaos being created. Even Four tells his mother that she will struggle to control the mob now she has started it.

Four breaks Caleb out of jail, with Peter, Tris and Tori they break out of the city, over the wall to discover what is beyond the city. A new compound, where they are observing the world inside the city. Using it as a grand experiment to try and find a way to fix genetic impurities breed into them over the years. From an attempt to breed super babies. Turns out divergent isn’t what they were looking for; divergent is just a half way house to a full healing of the genetic strand. For which Tris is the only person in the entire city who is completely genetically healed. Splitting her from Four, training him up to be a soldier while she is taken to the upper levels (where only the pure can enter) to be tested. To find a way (or so they say) to bring that genetic purity to all of the city residents so they can rejoin society.

However Four and Christina discover little inconsistencies when exploring the Fringe, things that make them start to realize this place isn’t what they were told. While Caleb and Peter are training to observe the actions inside the city, realize that things are devolving faster then they ever imagined. Tris however has been sucked into the whole idea and won’t listen to Four when he tries to warn her that their city is in danger.

I enjoyed this film, it passed well and kept the viewer interested. However if you are a follower of the book series be ready to be disappointed. The second movie already dived away drastically from the books, this movie moves even further away. Completely changing the ending of the production. Leaving the (I will say this carefully for those who haven’t read them yet) shock ending a complete non event. In fact even the person who tries and fails to go over the wall with them, their death scene is almost a complete non event. Portrayed as an accident not the epic staying behind to allow the others to escape. The ending did disappoint me, moving rather PG13 chick flick happy ending. Although there is one very slight hint at the end that this film series may not be as over as we think it is. For those of you who are following the films, please go out there and buy the books. See how dark the ending should have been.

Sadly due to the ending I am forced to only give this 3.5/5 stars. It just went a little too happily ever after for my liking. However it is still a very enjoyable film, and I would see it again. To see a trailer please click here

Sarah Beth James